Liddell and Randleman/Coleman?

When did Chuck start training with the hammer house? It looks like he really taught Kevin a thing or two about striking, not that Randleman couldn't strike before.

I'd really like to know the answer to this. I thought Kevin was still bitter about being KO'd by Chuck.

I couldn't really tell from the pic, but was Waterman in their corner as well. One pic shows a guy from behind with the bandana on that could have been. Just wondering if anyone there or who watched it could tell.

Kevin isnt bitter about losing to Chuck he learnd from it and has done his homework.


kev said of his loss to chuck "lidell is 1 lucky bitch" well hes no luckier than kev was sunday...

I think it was just some of the Americans hanging out together and cornering each other

Get over the fact that Chuck KO'd you love interest!

Max Power,
Good post! Fighters make their own luck.

"kev said of his loss to chuck "lidell is 1 lucky bitch" well hes no luckier than kev was sunday..."

so every fight kevin wins is going to be lucky just because your rooting for a different fighter. from now on anybody that wins a fight is lucky. stfu

I think Chuck can teach a lot to Kevin. Those "looping"punches seem to work well for him, so don't knock them.

I also think Chuck can learn a lot from kevin and coleman.

This alliance, if it is one, can work well for all of them.

Good to finally almost all the Americans in and event hanging out and cheering for one another.


theres always a little luck involved, but mostly its strategy