Chuck Liddell will be a guest on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, TONIGHT. (Thursday, April 29)

BDDSP airs on Fox Sports Network at 8 pm and is replayed at 11 pm. Check your local listings as times may vary.

Thank you my love....I'll watch it!!

i thought you were in mexico?.....hurry up and leave so the Mezger militia can take over zuffa headquarters!! :)

LOL, I leave in the morning and you all will have a break from me for a week!!!!!!

Are you going to Cancun?


I`ll be watching

BDDS= Beat Down Dana`s Superhero

What's he on fo'?

LMAO @ crowbar

They're filming the show at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Chuck was here and they wanted him on.

"What's he on fo'?"

....Because it's The Best Damn Sports Show and we watch The Best Damn SPORT PEROID!!!

Make sure you go to Chitzen Itza, and take the tour it is awesome. I have hiked to the top of that pyramid a few times and it is a trip coming down, make sure you do it though because they keep threatening to shut it down to tourism. The Ritz is a good place to stay and the water is actually ok to drink there. If you dive make sure you go to the Palankar reef it is the second largest in the world next to the Great Barrier and unbelievable, some of the best diving I have ever done.

Have fun and wear sunscreen

I will be at the Kings game instead.

I will be at the Kings game in the second round!!

You coming out to Sac or Minnesota?

Sac but don't know which day yet.

Oh, and I know this thread has been somewhat hijacked but WATCH BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD TONIGHT!!!

Kings will be on BDSSP tonight, so we are on topic.


Go to Lucas restaraunt. It is in the middle of Coco Bongo and Fat Tuesday. There is a bartender there named Rodolfo. He is the shit. I was there for Spring Break, he makes the best Pina Coladas down there. Really nice guy, if you go and remember, tell him Jason from Colorado says hi. While there go to The City and Coco Bongo, best clubs down there. They are HUGE. The City was my favorite, but Coco Bongo is a very close second. Have fun, that place is the shit.