Liddell on episode of Blue Mountain State

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                                Liddell on episode of Blue Mountain State

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Eating what?

 lol. clip looks pretty funny.


fucking love that show

 fucking hate that show

 Good for Chuck

2cash2quit - 
GriffinQ -  fucking hate that show

the commercials make me want to take a bat to my TV.

 sometimes watch the first few minutes with my buddies when it plays after TUF, just cuz we're still talking bout the fights and dont realize we're even watching...makes me wanna open a vein

Fucking never watched that show

Justinmacd - The show is actually fairly funny. I was surprised.

Horrible show.

It's pretty funny. Season 1 was better tho

NEWSFLASH - It's pretty funny. Season 1 was better tho

For sure bout that

 Still waiting for Dana's Boston mob series that was going to be the answer to the Sopranos being "too soft"

SpikeTV has some of the worst programming in human television history. Anyone who finds TUF offensive should listen to Goldie when he says to stay tuned for an all-new episode of Manswers or whatever other garbage they put out. Outside of Rogan's commentary (and comedy set) I don't think I've ever laughed once at anything I've ever seen on that station. Taping an original SpikeTV series is like building a rollercoaster and aiming it straight at the ground. It's horrible.

pretty good show

 Very cheezy show, they try too hard to make it like American Pie / Porky's type stuff.

BUT Chuck Liddell's appearance was AWESOME. 

First time I've ever watched a full episode!

Show is terrible, however Chuck was pretty funny