Liddell on Letterman - Video

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Thats Dana's boy, he will get whatever he wants

"Thats Dana's boy, he will get whatever he wants"

And rightfully so. He has always done what has been asked of him. He has been a great champion. And he has earned his right to get what he wants to some degree. More than most imo.

Not a big fan of Chuck but he certainly did well there I think.

Thanks Evil - Chuck did well there

Paris Hilton is in jail?? did she do?

Chuck has come along ways doing interviews.

Seems so much more comfortable.

BTW: nice call on him making excuses, "Jackasses!"

Ahhh makes sense...Thanks JoeRoganWannabe.

lol at the billionaire princess in the clink haha..


She was caught with a DUI. Her hot rich ass is out now though.

he has been loyal to the UFC and much like every other title holder, they usually have an immediate rematch clause in their contracts.

"Her hot rich ass is out now though"

Just rich ass imo

Chuck did well, would be nice to see Randy or Rampage on some of these talk shows though.

Chuck is the man! He has earned his respect. Everyone forgets that this is the same man who never backs down, the same man who risked his number one contendership against Randy Couture, lost it, gained it back and then risked it again against Vernon White. Chucky likes to fight and this is what it's about. He has heart and no one can deny that. He has heart for fighting and that is undeniable...

EvilMaster is correct, Chuck deserves it because he earned it.  Thanks for posting that clip EM.

Chuck did a good job, but shouldn't that be Rampage on the shows & not Chuck?

decent interview

I didn't like how going to sleep was condoned as something manly while tapping would be giving up like a pussy

yeah, i give chuck all the respect in the world, but if a guy beats your ass TWICE IN A ROW, you don't ever deserve a rematch- just like tito shouldn't ever fight chuck again unless chuck asks for it.


good interview

I love Letterman

Chuck wasn't bad either

He handled himself very well and represented the sport even better imo. Letterman set him up a few times with loaded questions or backhanded compliments but Chuck was very cool and came across as very likeable.