Liddell should fight Franklin, not

Liddell should fight Franklin, not Tiger White.

With Tiger, it looks like their just trying to give Liddell a fight... just get him on PPV. I don't see White as being part of the LHW picture.

Rich, on the other hand, needs to be tested more against one of the big four. If not Liddell, than Ortiz.

Zuffa, get Franklin back in the picture!

"looks like their just trying to give Liddell a fight" Tiger is a tough
fighter, this fight would not be a walk in the park for Chuck.

I should clarify - I don't think that White is a cakewalk or a tomato can or anything. However, he isn't untested like Franklin, so if UFC actually WANTED him, they'd have him. But they don't want him, the just want to give Liddell a fight. So, I guess I am arguing not against White's skill, but against his relevance to the LHW picture.

If he beats Liddell (which I doubt, actually - I'll pick Liddell by decision) I still think the UFC may not have him back. Or at least not have him back immediately.

It used to be that Pride just made fights, it didn't matter who or the relative skill or ranking, and that UFC cared about who was due for a shot and who should fight who. Pride then tended to have more exiting matches, but no coherence. UFC had people who *should* be fighting each other, but then sometimes had more boring matches as a result.

Now UFC seems more lost than ever.

I don`t know . This is a better fight than most here are giving it credit for. White is good ( not great)and the only time I have seen him get stopped was in K-1 against Bonjasky when he moved right into a kick.
I really don`t see Chuck landing that same type of kick that K.O.`ed White and I think White can go the distance in a three round fight with Chuck . Chuck better be in shape too.

This is going to be a GREAT fight! Vernon is going to go balls out, I guarantee it. If the same Vernon shows up that fought Freeman, then it's going to be the bomb.

Right, I see your point and agree; not only will it not be a walk in the
park but Tiger has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If the fight is
offered I'm sure Chuck will sign as he doesn't seeem like the type to
sit. I agree about having his ass in shape this is Whites time to shine
and he will bring it.

Chuck by JD.

Again, my complaint isn't really about White, it is about the other White... Dana White. I just don't see them keeping Tiger in the division. Therefore, I see this fight as just delaying the LHW fights that should happen.

I'd love to be wrong... I just don't think Zuffa is keeping the right people these days.

If White wins, they're going to have to want him.

rich vs vernon sounds more even

Liddell should fight the winner of Randy/Vitor and no one else. He has earned it.

rich would get KO'ed in under a minute if he ever fought liddell

Give Joe Silva some credit, he's proving to be a more then decent matchmaker

"Liddell's striking isn't anywhere near K-1 level."

That's true, but I bet he's got more one-punch KO power than Bonjasky, and however ugly his punches may look, they get him the win more often than not.


"Awsome fight. Vernon will bring it and Chuck will get the KO in an amazing fight."

I tend to agree with that, but go Vernon!

I don't think it will be a cake walk for Chuck, but if it is than that's a smart move by the UFC. It doesn't make sense to give Chuck a high risk fight while he's waiting to fight Vitor/Randy. It's good to keep him active.

I would like to see Franklin fight Babalu.

Franklin really fucked up by leaving UFC.

At least you haters could admit that.

Franklin DID NOT leave the UFC.

He only had 2 fights (both on 1 fight contracts) and they told him after his second fight that they didn't have anything lined up for him. So he took a fight in Japan to make big money.

The guy has to make a living people.

"well we don't have any thing for you right now, but if you fight for someone who will actually pay you what you are worth in the mean time, we don't want you back."

The UFC fucked him over, not the other way around.