Liddell VS Pele in REAL NHB

Just went back and watched it again and daaaaaaaamn,

what a fight it was.

I can't help but wonder just exactly how many fighters in the world, would give up 30 pounds to Chuck Liddell and fight real Bare Knuckle Vale Tudo..............

Pele is an absolute FREAK.

This was back when Chuck was an unknown. Pele is still a freak though.

I recently saw a pic of pele and he looked like he had gained some weight.

Yeah, Pele was favored to win that fight. Liddell had just fought in UFC once (again, as the unknown underdog against that chubby, hard-hitting boxer from EC) and no one seemed to know who he was (except John Perretti, who seemed to find a lot of guys like that).

After he won that fight by decision (and both he and his opponent looked gassed after 5 minutes), Liddell looked like an average fighter with a bad haircut. So the opinion of all the internet experts was that this was a cheap way for Pele to pick up a win against a UFC vet. I don't think Liddell ever looked back.

was it really 30? he did seem smaller though... i was impressed by this being chucks second fight i believe

I'm not sure if it was Chuck's second fight ever, but the first I heard of him (which doesn't mean anything) was when he fought on the undercard at UFC. I remember the internet chat at the time was that his more epxerienced opponent (who had some KOs in EC) was going to knock Chuck out. But Chuck won that fight, even though neither guy engaged much after the first five minutes.

I have that IVC on tape. Chuck ends up G'n'Ping Pele for the last several minutes. Pele gets a couple of knockdowns on Chuck from kicks.

Good and bloody too.

"Liddell looked like an average fighter with a bad haircut"

i actually remember thinking this about liddel... thats about as wrong as it gets.

I remember seeing that fight. Pele gave up about 20 pounds but was still able to land a high kick to get a knock down. Pele then taunting him right after was entertaining in typical Pele fashion.

Interesting, Chuck made use of his wrestling skills in this fight to get Pele down, keep him there (caught up in the ropes/net) and landed enough strikes to get the decision.

where and when was this fight? through what promotion?

IVC i think... straight up vale tudo

i wouldn't have thought Pele was 190 for that fight. He just didn't look it. But I wasn't there, so whatever

what was od is chuck fought him on the ground a ton in that fight. wasnt his first ufc fight noe hernandez? he did fine...

It is IVC 6 or 7 I believe, I have a tape w/ the announcers speaking Portuguese. I know there wasn't a 30 lb difference-they listed their weights in kilos.

I rewathced this fight about 2 weeks ago.Chuck showed he could take a heavy shot way back then, Pele landed 2 high kicks- one dropped chuck but he got right back up (like the Mezger haymaker) and the other he was coming forward ate the kick and kept his momentum going forward for a takedown.

Chuck spent a lot of time on top and was GnP'ing for a while. Towards the end he had Pele in the netting around the ropes and was just fucking his head up.
I like this fight-both guys were throwing some big shots.

can anyone post pics from that fight, or know a website where i can see some pics

chuck said in an interview he was brought in for Pele to destory (in so many words)

i rember watchin that fight in RDS when they use to show the all those fights

fuckin awesome

it was a great all around event... van arsdale v silva was friggin sweet too.

Pele was 190 after drinking a six pack of water and had weights in his boots

"Chuck said the night before everyone was serious and resting up for there fight and Hinkle was out partying and getting drunk...LOL, my kind of guy!!!"

LOL, maybe that's why he got tapped out :) I did like Hinkle though, tough dude.

The Braga Hinkle fight was a good one. Hinkle was doing great and Braga caught him in a triangle, they were kind of tangled in the one of the ropes and Braga still tapped Hinkle with the triangle.