Liddell wants to fight again; even if it means w/

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                                Liddell wants to fight again; even if it means w/  ...

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“I still love fighting. I don’t know what we’re going to come up with. I’m going to start spending a lot of time training guys or get back in there –- one of the two. I needed some time off. “Dancing” actually gave me something to concentrate on and get in shape on. I just want to get back in shape and stay in shape and start training with people and see what I want to do. [And] why would anyone even want to see me fight Kimbo? I have no interest in that fight. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess I’d do it, if that’s who I had to fight to come back.”

Former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell mulls a potential return to the cage that made him famous after getting booted from Dancing with the Stars on ABC. “The Iceman” is coming off a technical knockout loss to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 97 back in April, marking his fourth loss in his last five fights. Company president Dana White has pressed his good friend and big time money-making machine to hang up the gloves, saying he has made a ton of cash and has nothing left to prove. Liddell — who will be 40 years old by the time April 2010 rolls around — clearly needs more time make up his mind — but would apparently do whatever it takes to get back inside the cage. Even if that means fulfilling a rumor gone wild about hooking them up with the grappling deprived Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

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Hell, even though it would be weird or whatever, it'd be one of the highest selling PPV's if Chuck fought Kimbo.

I hope Chuck doesn't fight anymore. I don't want to see him get KO again. Chuck doesn't have anything left to prove.

 I don't think we'd have to worry about Kimbo KOing Chuck.

Love Chuck and don't wish to see him fight again.......but if he did I would pay to see him v. Kimbo.

Talk about a money maker!

Shogun stole his soul.

If chuck fought kimbo.. I bet you he would bitch out and shoot a takedown

 "bitch out"


The fans want Liddell vs Kimbo, do it Chuck!!

BzGrappla - If chuck fought kimbo.. I bet you he would bitch out and shoot a takedown

lol @ fighting smart being "bitching out"...

I'd love to see Couture get some revenge on Chuckles.

Kimbo by clean KO.

i htink kimbo should fight houston alexander 2 ko artists with no ground game. who would chuck fight? hmmm maybe brian stann or tito!!

Chuck should go fight Fedor in Strikeforce, he said Fedor is scared of the UFC lets see if Chuck wants to test Fedor

Chuck would most likely KILL Kimbo obviously Kimbo can get KO'd by Seth with a jab and Kimbo hasn't really been setting the world on fire KOing people plus Chuck hasnt been sparring so he hasnt been hit in the head for a few months and hes probably healed. For god's sake Chuck fought Rampage then Jardine then Wand then Shad then Shogun all heavy hitters now hes had a few months off he should be ok. At the pit they go full out in sparring so he has been pummeled in the head for decades on end now so some time off probably helped tremendously.

Chuck by decapitation. 

love to see chuck ktfo kimbo

remember this... kimbo on Chack..

set it up D white-- Stand up only rules haha


 I want to see Chuck vs Cro Cop

CretardsCrutch -  I want to see Chuck vs Cro Cop