Liddell/White work?

There is no way White is that bad! He fell to the ground every time he was hit with anything. Did anyone notice that Liddell lookes to his corner before he threw the knockout shot? Work all the way! No way Zuffa wants their future main event to go down the tube, so they paid off White and Liddell knew it.

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It was a legitimate and very impressive win for Chuck. Props to White for being tough. Respect Kempo.

Gary Hughes

Dude, wake up. White got pummeled. Tiger has a beard, and showed a lot of heart. I think he got thumbed, and that is why the fight was stopped, but he got hit, haaaarrrrdddd.

that's ridiculous - why would White take all that damage if he was supposed to throw the fight? Why not stop fighting after the first knockdown?

I've seen White take way harder shots than that. I think it was a work from the start.

Respect Kempo? Whaaa?

It was probably the most exciting fight of the night. White was able to take a lot of punishment and still look focused. Chuck threw a lot of bombs, yet it was a simple straight overhand right that knocked Tiger out cold.

You are delusional if you thinkm that was fixed. White was on the mat for over a minute after getting KO’d. I give White credit for taking a beating and appearing to stay focused. And then he got knocked out. He was out before he even hit the ground.

Exactly he was on the mat waiting for the Ref to stop the fight. Every time he was down he looked to the Ref. Look at the fight closely and I think you might agree. Work from the start. If White won it would screw up the entire LHW picture in the UFC.

Paid to LOSE.

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It is an interesting point. When White fought Eastman, he ate some nasty shots..... they didn't faze him. Tiger has a good beard.... Chuck doesn't punch that damn hard.

FIX! Well, probably not... but you never know.

Yeah, I almost never believe this shit, but this fight did seem suspect. A little too much to over look.


There was no thumb to the eye, at first I thought the same thing. Liddell hit him with a very hard left directly below the left eye and I wouldn't doubt if White has a fractured bone.

i think its real. possible eye punch. but shoulda been stopped earlier anyhow

"There was no thumb to the eye, at first I though the same thing. Liddell him with a very hard left directly below the left eye and I wouldn't doubt if White has a fractured bone. "

It seemed like White was looking for a way out at that point. He took some serious shots, but I would have loved to see a second round.

Hey maybe it was legit, but White looked horrible and I am no Liddell hater. There just seemed to be mamy signs pointing toward the work IMO.

Yea, I thought White would have had a pretty good chance of winning if the fight went to the second round because Liddell was looking pretty tired due to all the punches he had thrown.

I honestly thought this would stir up a lot more responses. I am not trolling because I truly do believe this was a work form the start. Oh well I guess most people are just glad Chuck won, much like the response form the crowd. Cheers for Chuck Boos for The Tiger.

"Chuck doesn't punch that damn hard."

Dude, thats one of the things chuck does! Hes not that techinical, but he hits like a truck

I think he tried to go down from the first shot, unfortunately the ref didn't stop the fight.

Liddell hammered White like Cro Cop did to Bob Sapp. I wouldn't doubt if White needs a titanium screw in his skull to fix the injury.

If you think it's a work because Chuck doesn't have knockout power to take out White, then you HAVE to propose that Liddel/Randelman , Liddel/Babbalu, and Liddel/Tito were also works.

If anything, you have to give White credit for taking so many of Chuck's punches when everyone else seems to be only to take ONE.

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