Lidell never hurts his hands?

Is it technique,accuracy,genetics??combination of all 3?
His consistantly knocks people out with viscious power but never seems to hurt his hands but guys like Franklin, Bonnar, Buentello ect are always breaking theirs.

which also proves the thumb gouging theorists wrong. if he was to gouge with his thumb and that power, it would be broke.

Same with Baroni. despite him being a big puncher, he never seems to break his hands.

IMO genetics is a big factor.

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Great genetics, accurate striking, great hand wrapping.

isnt that why he was out for a while?

Liddell has some big hands, that always helps.

No, his foot was fucked up.

Kempo teaches you the proper way to make a fist.


I think its probably many factors combined but mainly he hits people in the face and not the head.
Like many, I to use to think he was a sloppy striker now I see its his style and its damn effective combined with his lateral footwork he's been using since Randy 2.
Low hands= defend the shoot,counter punching and ability to create angles better.

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"Great genetics, accurate striking, great hand wrapping"


In the 20 years I've been with John, I've never, not once been to a fight. Whether it be a smoker, boxing, kickboxing, or mma, where John hasn't been asked to wrap someone's hands. Lindland, Penn, Ludwig, St. Pierre. Anyone in the know, knows how important this is and that John is #1 at this, he is The PitMaster after all.

I do remember hearing/reading Pitmaster saying he is the best when it comes to wrapping hands

it's the tape job

cos he only lands one punch per fight

It's called KEMPO biyatch!!!!

Hand conditioning is crucial to Kempo and all Karate.

Very few people have taping down to a science, I imagine Hackleman is one of them.

hand wrapping for sure

Yep, between fighting for over 30 years and being a registered nurse who worked in the Emergency room for many years. He understands the way our bodies work and react under stress better than most.