chuck was in randlemans corner and he was the first guy he hugs after he gives cro cop some forearms.

anyone know why he was there?

helping with the spit bucket?



thanks BMT

I've seen him in the corner of a number of people recently. A couple of UFC's ago he was in with cabbage and couple other that night


From what I have read he has been training with Hammer House. Not sure if that is entirely true

Maybe I'm just being anal but I think if you're gonna name a thread after a fighter, you should at least spell his name right.--JMO


Chack Lidell is one to watch.

Did Chack leave Juliette for Kevin?
**edited for Chack**

Chuck trains with Hammer house now... Wes trains at The Pit, Mario Sperry was just hired at the Pit to teach The BJJ, Randleman trains at The Pit on weekends and at MFS M-W-F, and Coleman T-Th, Giant Silva trains at SLO Kickboxing with Shonnie Carter, and Shannon Ritch was just transfered to AKA.... Patricia has become The Pit Master's new Biotch.

stay tuned...

As the MMA world turns

Thanks for clearing that up Pitmaster, what's Rickson going to be doing?

sorry about the spelling by the way

i was going for the lye-dell or lie-dell.

maybe chuck will be in titos corner next.

that guy gets around sands through the are the days of our lives...

I was just going to ask "The Pit Master" if he was being truthful in his post?

"Shannon Rich has just transferred to AKA"

So Shannon will now be trained by a guy that he has lost to(Bob Cook)

I thought Chuck was there to corner Gan (his teammate).

I didnt know Randleman trained at MFS, sounds like hammer house are getting themselves in gear and training properly

chuck gets around.

Gan trains at Matt Hume's now, but he couldn't work Gan's corner cause he was a judge.