Lieber was awesome

better than moose and very much like Orel Hershiser..make the opponents hit the ball etc...

great game by him

maybe the sox can pick it up at fenway, but it looks bleak

pedro pitched a good game, lieber pitched a great game

I agree.

I remember my fellow Iowan Jon Leiber pitching for the Cubs - one game he threw a complete game 2 hit shutout and amassed 72 pitches for the entire game.

Anytime you can hold the Sox to 3 hits over 7 innings you have done something amazing. Lieber was awesome and it now gives the Yanks a huge advantage going to Boston. There is a ton of pressure on Arroyo to come through tomorrow.

thats true...we'll see if the sox bats wake up

one bonus is that arroyo has been great lately

in his last 5 starts including playoffs he has a 3.23 era, .193 oba, .256 oppponent obp with 34 run support

in games against anaheim, seattle, nyy, bal & tb with his only bad game against baltimore


i think arroyo is unbeaten this year aganist the yankees

Those are some nice stats but as you know the playoffs are a totally different animal. It will be interesting to see how he does. It certainly will help that he is pitching at home. The Sox definitely need to score early to get the fans into the game.

agreed, but its funny cause he pitches better on the road than at fenway

go figure

go red sox!

Doesn't Lowe pitch better at home than on the road? He has had some success against NY at home but in the Bronx he seems to get killed.

ive tried to block out DLowe this year since he has been so bad

but the sox get wins for him

go figure

News wires here saying Schilling is out for game 5.

he is out, he called the local station today...

so here is the potential outlook...

Game 3 - Bronson Arroyo

Game 4 - Tim Wakefield

Game 5 - Pedro Martinez/ Derek Lowe

Game 6 - Pedro/Arroyo

Game 7 - Arroyo/Wake/Schilling

if there is a rain out tomorrow

Game 3 - Arroyo

Game 4 - Wake

Game 5 - Pedro

Game 6 - Schill/Derek Lowe

Game 7 - Schilling/Arroyo

So Schilling is out for game 5 but can possible pitch in game 6 or 7?

I doubt it. I think Schilling's season is over.

last night they said torn tendon

he has had it for the last 25 days or so

the yank game was just really bad

tweaked in the bullpen session before the game

all new info to the boston press

if they find a way he will still try to pitch in the series

Well even if he tries I think he'll just hurt his team.