Liefeld characters I actually like

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Diehard from Youngblood
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and of course Cable
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Other characters I like but couldn't find a good picture of;
Seahawk from Brigade, Shogun from Bloodstike and to a lesser extent Bloodstike the character and Prophit, who had one of the best fights I've seen in comics drawn by Steven Platt

I like Cable and Deadpool, even though Deadpool is such a blatant rip of Deathstroke. He's become a really fun character to read.

I like Johnny Manyteeth and Sherry Tinyfeet a lot.

When Liefeld created Cable did they originally intend for him to be Nathan Christopher Summers?

Those top two guys look ridiculous. Such non-thought out design. "I'm gonna stick some random elements together and hope for the best!"

lol @ DemonClown.

Actually that Shatterstar look came after Leifeld left X Force.

Cable is one of my favourite characters he reminds me of John Conner from Terminator for some reason.Deadpools a cool character too.

Deadpool and Cable are great characters.

i have always liked deadpool when hes written correctly hes a fun character. as far as him being a ripoff of deadstroke goes, they do have similarities. but they are radically different in terms of personality and motivations.

"Actually that Shatterstar look came after Leifeld left X Force."

But it is still basicaly the same looke as Leifeld's origin; same shaped helmet, same hair, similar shoulder pads, 2 swords, etc...

And Die-hard is lame as hell!!!!

Though, I did think Shaft was cooler than Hawkeye at the time.

my two favorite com bk characters are easily CAble adn domino!

That's not the original Shatterstar design. The original design was actually pretty nice....HOWEVER that design is a COMPLETE and UTTER RIP-OFF of a very obscure character named White Devil that had that exact same costume down to the hair, padded helmet/ shoulderpad, swords, gun holster on the belt buckle....all of it. That's one that Leifeld got away with becuase White Devil belonged to some small independant company that dissapered by the time Shatterstar appeared in X-Force (or New Mutants, I forget).

Deadpool is an obvious DS ripoff and Cable is just a general mix of 80's cliches slapped together (scar over eye, bionic arm, guns, spikes, terminator, etc).

However I happen to kind of like these 3 characters even though they're not very original.

The characters that I like are the ones that have been taken over and written well by others. (think Cable and Deadpool)

liefield mght have created cable and deadpool
but he cannot be credited for making them interesting

i give that credit to fabian N, joe kelly, and joe casey

favorite story was the first fight deadpool had with t ray

i cant remember the name of the arc tho'
i wonder if a character like t ray could be used again in the marvel universe
he was a good character with interesting powers and i would like to see him used again

liefeld was not original with his creations, they were cardboard stock archetypes

rob thinking...ok, i need 1 muscle big guy, i girl, 1 gun guy in this new group youngbllod, i have another group, brigade, and need those same types, hmmm...i want to do a terminator, come from future back to past to save the future like i used with cable for do i make them diff?

my guesses to his inspirations on character names

gw bride = george washington bridge

cable = cable tv

deadpool = clint eastwood movie iirc

vogue = model so vogue magazine

diehard = car battery or the bruce willis movies

and the list goes on...

diehard was a rip on capt america super soldier, but i like the twist he put on it

and i do like his art and some of his characters despite all the criticism

check out the current uncanny x-men and i forgot the other x-title that is cross-over for warpath - marvel is making him centerstage.

His art could be fantastic if he got the dimensions and anatomy correct but he's too stubborn to learn these things and it holds him back imo. Eyes should not be so far apart they have different postcodes lol


No, he was originally supposed to just be a random Mutant from the future. That was added later.

...Could it be that Rob is enjoying something of a rennaissance on this board?

-knee "


Is it me or did baby nate back in X-factor (god knows what issue) when being sent to the future have the same star thing going for him on his left eye? And wasn't that before the run on New Mutants when Cable shows up?

x-factor 67 i think or uncanny xmen 201?

The name Cable is in reference to a cable connecting the past and the future, not to cable tv.