Life can be so unfair at times......

Stuff like this makes me angry.

Sending good juju your way my friend

Sounds like your woman is a badass Phone Post 3.0

Jesus Fuck. I'm sorry man!  She's a fighter and can beat this shit.  Then may allah leave her alone and be merciful.

Very sad to read about this... My heart truely goes out to you. Stay strong OG!

Humboldt - Fuck man. I am sorry. Sending a prayer and good vibes your way. Stay strong. Phone Post 3.0

Me 2 , thats unbelievable :(

These are the times when we say we read all of that because it matters.

Stay strong my friend. If you need to vent or just talk about things that nobody could tolerate or hear, hit me up. Phone Post 3.0


Awful story. I truly hope she is going to be ok for you and your kids.

Life absolutely sucks sometimes. Good people get the worst luck.

She sounds like a fighter and I pray she comes out n top

Sending love to you both Phone Post 3.0

Good luck man. From the sounds of it she's tough and will pull through!! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks everyone. I truly appreciate the thoughts.

Life is fair, it's just unfair to everyone.

Much like herpes, we're not going anywhere and we'll flare up every once and awhile to make sure you don't forget you have us. 

I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for your family. Keep your head up. Phone Post 3.0

Damn OP, if your wife has gone through all of that, she must really be one tough bitch.

Tell her the fight never stops and to keep battling for all the people who cant!!!!!!

Best wishes.

Thats horrible but your wife sounds tough. Stay strong cancer fucking sucks Phone Post 3.0

I'm really sorry to hear about this. She's so young too. I recommend you start changing your diet, food intake, eat superfood like brocoli which helps to kill cancer. In addition be open to all different forms of treatment. I don't know if it's legit but apparantly marijuana oil helped a lot of people. Look into it. Couldn't hurt. Best Wishes to you and your family.

Damn bro, sometimes bad shit happens to good people. Be as strong as you can and sometimes that's just a matter of holding your wife's hand. Prayers will go out from our family to yours. Phone Post 3.0

cyber hug Phone Post 3.0

Mirko Troll Cop - cyber hug Phone Post 3.0
Prayers with you Phone Post 3.0