Life in Brazil

So I am on vacation in Brazil,last night i went across my mother in law's house to my wife cousin to sit and drink a few beers. I see this kid 20 years old Vinincus hanging out he plays with my sons no big deal. All of a sudden 5 shots ring out. My wife brings my so in to the bathroom for cover and I go out side with my cousin. He was shot dead
,my cousin crying and we wait for police. We suspect he could not pay a drug dealer that he owe $150.00 bucks. How was your Thursday ?

hey help, i was reading an article today about how the rio olympic committee have hired former NY mayor rudy guiliani to clean up rio. they want him to enforce laws that are already established but have been ignored.

apparently they want a zero tolerance approach to clean things up.

has things changed that you have noticed? essentially they dont want the anarchy that goes on at the beaches and the road rules

2 people died right where I am living so nothing has changed yet. It's crazy here it's like wild west city, sure hot chicks everywhere but man crime is crazy..........

Which Favela u at


I call bullshit

Shit is real there. What area do you live in?

mikhailgorbachev - I call bullshit

Even if it is... its pretty acurate of how shit goes down in brazil and some of the other latin countries.

i'm from Brasil, i know it's dangerous even though nothing's ever happened to me or my family other than a break-in. From what he described he's in the fucking favelas, the very worse place to be.

Why would an OG'er go to Brasil and head straight to the favela? Doesn't make sense.

 WOW.......thats why i pry for the safety of my clients that live down there every day!!

I lived in Brazil for awhile. I am king of the favelas. There is a place that even has 31 favelas...I've tried them all!