Life Of A Real Nigerian Email Scammer

This guy is the don. Just looking at the pics from Instagram. Wow.

Finally got him.

UAE authorities arrested Abbas last month, and FBI agents took custody of him this week, prosecutors said.

Abbas and the unnamed others in his network specialized in what are known as “business email compromise” schemes, authorities said. That type of scheme generally involves gaining unauthorized access to a corporate email account or otherwise tricking a business into sending a wire transfer to the scammers.

Business email compromise scams accounted for $1.7 billion in alleged losses last year, according to the FBI.

A client of an unnamed New York-based law firm lost about $923,000 last year after Abbas and others tricked a paralegal into wiring them money that was intended for the client’s real estate financing, the FBI said.

Another scheme involved $14.7 million stolen from a non-U.S. financial institution last year.

Got greedy.

As long as the scam goes after confused seniors no one is going to bother too much hunting him down, steal nearly $1M from a big law firm (likely with powerful friends) and they will find you.

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