Life or Death: You Must Sex an Animal

Is it bad that I had an animal in mind before I even clicked the thread?


mayonnaise is not an animal

The thread is titled “You Must Sex an Animal”

If it had not been about my disgusting fetish, what would have been ok with you?

btw Manatees have incredible pussies and really like it or at least they sound like they do…so who cares if they like it amirite?

What was the animal?

Did anyone have a SPECIFIC animal in mind? Like yeah I vote for my neighbour’s black lab.

How else am I gonna get you to bang a gorilla? Double dare?

Ask politely.

No,was yours a dolphin to?

Dugong. My sailor bros from the 18th century know what im talking about.

@Kirik I am still learning what is considered “NSFW”

I guess this thread is NSFW…if you work at the zoo.

I hespect the rules tho.

“Don’t Mexican kids fuck donkeys…”


We Canadians love to fuck a good beaver, so we don’t judge.

Ha! I was going to name the Dugong. Apparently that is the origin of the mermaid myth.

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