Lifes to fight it!

Hey Tony as Martial artist we are conditoned to take punishment physically. I believe its true that the mind,body and spirit must be one. Right now life for me has taken some crazy turns due to personal reasons. Out of mind body and spirit..all I have is "body" I dont know where the other 2 went?

I guess what Im asking is how do you overcome mental blocks. Is it depression? I just cant seem to foucs? I have so much rage and such as short fuse thats its not even funny? I feel like the HULK! LOL.
Can this be cured? If so what can I do?

Thanks for being there Tony

Your humor in the above is a real positive sign for one, I'd
say youre in a 'phase'...and that's good news, in that it
sounds like some transitory psychological stuff and not
something that requires medical intervention, so there are
lots of things you can do to start refocusing.

In general a mental block is self-perpetuated; typically
created through some conscious & unconscious unrealistic
goal/expectations, either from lack of talent /ability, lack of
time, lack of strategy (or a blend).

Let's use a non-martial art example: if youre suffering from
'writer's block', its because you KNOW you MUST write but
you realize the following:

a. You have the ablilty, but youre out of time and the pressure
ot complete the project is hindering the creative process.

b. You have the ablilty, but you dont know how to get started.

c. You don't have the ablilty, but you think you do :-)

Break it down: To accomplish anything youre likely going to
need a blend of STRATEGY, TIME & ABILITY. *note 'ability'
is last, because 'skill' could be a goal and with strategy & time
anyone can get good :-)

You omit or hamper anyone one of those PILLARS OF
PERFORMANCE and youre likey going to demotivate

Check out (deeply) my CYCLE OF BEHAVIOR performance
enhancement research (Audio trilogy & Rape Safe video)

Obviously there's a lot I cant say and offer in this venue
without knowing your name, age, and some of the specifics
youre feeling, but this could 'help' break the slump if you start
introspecting on the above...

Hope this helps some.


Another gem for my toolbox. These are the things that Tony has helped me with the most. Un-common sense at it's finest.


Here's a quick angle on the rage issue that has helped me out:

Remember not to judge the's just pent up energy that is looking for a way out. We hold onto frustrations, angers, fears because most of us are taught that it is socially unacceptable to let these emotions show. While it may be true that we don't want to go around pissed all the time, we still need to understand that these feelings are O.K. to have. Suppressing them obviously doesn't work and venting them whenever we want to isn't appropriate either. However that bottom line is that it is totally normal to feel rage...but it has to be released constructively or as you know it can eat you up inside. I have often used my training on the heavy bag to get that primal release...just going ballistic (wrapping your wrists is a good idea J) and when that hasn't been enough, well believe it or not yelling in to a pillow (don't scare the neighbors) has been extremely helpful. For me this has been the first step in getting past the's like taking a good you know what.

Beyond flushing the blocked negativity and getting past the rage you've got to get into what Coach Blauer is saying to break the mental blocks. Seriously, the Cycle of Behavior is a road map to understanding yourself and going beyond fear. Remember fear has many faces and rage is one of them. We are all hindered by erroneous beliefs, negative expectations and visualizations of failure. The COB can teach us how to 'deprogram' these mental blocks and learn to detect our mental saboteur before it creates the psychological trauma. Coach calls these initial ego snags 'nuero-associations' and they are the very roots of our fear mechanism...if we learn to 'detect' the ways that these negative associations trip us up, then we are on our way to creating a doorway out of the trap(s). The COB is all about FEAR, managing it, understanding it and moving through it and with exploration, which I believe is a life long process, you will discover so many amazing ways to convert fear into a springboard for success.

Definitely read Coaches article: 'No Fear? Know Fear? It is awesome and you can read it on the website under the articles section.

I think you came to a great place to get insights...good luck!



I will describe a few things that I have gone through over the past couple of months and explain how I used Tony Blauer's research to become strategic and proactive in keeping the Mind, Body and Spirit in the proper alignment.

I became a father with my first child almost two months ago and was not fully prepared for the amount of time this would consume. This coupled with a 12 hour a day job, training 5 days a week and teaching two days a week, almost put me 6 feet in the ground, because I thought I would not have any problems doing everything.

I have been training with Tony Blauer since 1996, so I had the research to guide me though these extreme challenges. The first thing that came to mind was The Three Golden Rules, which you can find in the PDR manual.

1) Accept what is happening.

2) Get Challenged.

3) Do not Stop Thinking.

I had to conclude that everything in my schedule was not going to be a realistic goal to set each and every day. ( Accept What is Happening)

The passion I have for spending time with my son training and teaching, became the fuel I needed to get through my schedule. (Get Challenged)

Prioritizing my daily schedule required a lot of thought and often required changes made on the fly to accomodate those things on my list. (Don't Stop Thinking)

Getting back to your original thread you stated that all you have is the body ,while the mind and the spirit is lost......I DISAGREE. Your challenge to put this on the forum required, thought and introspection.

You have identified that there is a problem. Now you have some valueable research to create a formula that will get you to a successful resolution. Nothing is easy and that is always the challenge with people. So many work on their POTENTIAL rather that their CAPACITY.

Good Luck!!!

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team


Welcome to the Fathers Club!!!! yes I also use Tony's info to manage thru it all. It is what is so great about the material. It transcends all. Training, working, being a dad and a husband. Lots of work!!! But worth it.

Joe Mullings

What a fantastic thread!

I have to agree with Fletch. These are the things that really mean the most to me.

If you employ the strategy that Tony outlined above, then anyone, regardless of skill level is on the road to true Performance Enhancement, whether the venue is in an alley, ring, classroom, etc.

These are the gems that can change your life.

They certainly have changed mine.

Thanks for another lesson Coach.

Hang in there LeftJab22. The hardest fight is almost always you vs you.

Take Care all,

Mike Suyematsu

wow. much love..thanks for all your support you dont know how much that means...I really appreciate everything..thanks again..EVERYONE. Ill get through it..I just to surround myself with positive people.

You are in the right place.