lift you can't live without...

I don't want everyone to respond Squat as that's a given. I was just wondering if anyone had a favourite lift that they will always put in a set of workouts cos they love it.

Mine would have to be Power Cleans. They really help with my power transfer for MT and I just plain love them. They feel like a proper excercise should. (And you get some great confused looks from the BB curl gang in the corner)



Besides squats I'd say SLDL's. They've helped my back & hammies out tremendously.


How did I know that would be the first answer on here!

Dumbell Hang Clean and Press.


One arm dumbbell curls with a triple extension. *Kisses biceps*

Hmm... I certainly wouldnt put the squat as an exercise i can't live without if i had to choose just one.




Clean and push press with sandbag. Gotta love the simplicity of the mighty sandbag.

With my back injury, I've been unable to squat or deadlift. I still managed to go from 155 to 173 in two months. There is no lift you can't live without.

I do miss my squats though....

I a serious note I found that weighted pull-ups really improved my overall transferable strength. I think it helped in my learning of Olympic lifts too. I'm still far from where I want to be though.

aside from squats? OH press or dips probly.

My favorite is "Clean Deadlifts".

Do a deadlift and then at the top, raise up on your toes and shrug simultaneously.

I love just about any DL variation but I often add a shrug to them.


Pullups, power clean, dips, SL Deadlift.

Even though it hasn't been grooving lately, bench pressing.


Burpees. Does that count? Yeah, definitely burpees.

DL. Glutes, quads, hams, lower back, upper back, grip, abs...all hit hit hard. Everything worked in dead is needed extensively in grappling. Clean and Jerk is the only thing that can compete IMO. Train as you fight. D-Rex

pullups and dips

My Stena Stair-lift.

Without it I'd never get to the top of those stairs!


I love doing the sumo deadlift. (Wide stance, hands inside legs). They work my legs and back like a bastard!