lift you can't live without...

pull ups ad dips any thing where you are pulling or pushing your own bodyweight

Snatch as a lift.

Exercise probably ring work. So much variety it is insane.


Tricep kickbacks.

strictly weights: probably incline bench. :0

I love burpees, though. The kind where you jump up explosively each rep.

Lifting...plates of L&L plate lunches to my face. Seriously. No Make Fun! j/k j/k

Lifts that don't include the obvious of dips and pull ups would have to be my newly-learned favorite that covers just about every essential (I guess functional too) lift...learned the idea from a t-mag article...The Bear.

"Clean and push press with sandbag. Gotta love the simplicity of the mighty sandbag."

froglegs, what else do you do with the sandbag?

lol at BazUK

deadlifts....But nothing stiff-legged as someone mentioned.

The clean or the clean and press if its not considered two exercises.