Lifted the truck

Finally got around to getting my truck serviced and went ahead and put the lift on as well.  It's a 6" Donahoe Racing lift.  Tires are 37 x 12.5.  The lift was pretty expensive but apparently the research I did to see what lift was the best paid off.  It rides better than stock and it sits exactly the way i wanted it to.  I plan on "testing" it sometime in the next few days before it goes to the paint shop- it's going to be purple pearl.

The tuner
(Diesel Innovations) said it actually probably won't slow it down and may in fact make it a little faster.  He said they have one or two customers running 13.5's like that (my current best is a 13.7).  He said he thinks part of the reason is that it makes the truck stay in its peak torque longer.  Plus he played around with the programming, gave it a little more timing on the topend, bumped up the rev limiter so it would stop hitting it, and some other fine tuning. 

It's supposed to go to the paint shop Tuesday, so I'll probably be at the track in Baton Rouge the Friday after its done to find out.

Looks great!

thats so friggen dope that a beast like that is so quick. what gears are you running with the new setup?

Yep, 17's.  Tires are 37's.

Not sure what the gears are (never checked).  It's the stock ones though.

stock gears? with a lift and bigger tires? did it come with 37s stock?

stock tires 35ish lol(metric) With the hp and torq he's got in that thing those stock gears wont have a problem. Albeit he might wanna drop in some 4:11's in the future to really help light'em up!

Actually, it still lights 'em up just fine.  Doesn't feel to have slowed it down at all; feels like it may even be a little faster on the top side.  And if anyone has a truck they want to lift, I would strongly recommend Donahoe Racing; the ride is awesome!