Lifting 1x a week get results?

I'm on a pretty busy schedule, and I hate lifting weights. However, there's one day a week that I have some free-time. Will I get any results from lifting one day a week, or is this pretty much a waste of my time?

it's better than nothing

probably small but yeah it's better than nothing.. do some bodyweight exercises to make up for the lack of time..

I am currently doing Scrapper-style workouts 3x a week & lifting on Saturdays (I'm experimenting with a Chad Waterbury 'Singles Club' program w/ 15 singles @ 3RM followed by 3 drop-sets of 8 reps @ 10RM). I'm definitely at least as strong as I was when I was lifting 3x a week.

If you make it count then it def will. I usually only get in 1, 2 weight training sessions a week tops. But it has made a difference in my mma training.

If you are a weak, pencil-necked, skinny-with-a-belly mess like I was a few years ago you'll get huge gains if you're consistent 1x per week.

Even if you're highly trained and very, very strong 1 session a week is probably enough to avoid losing any strength.

My advice would be to do a full body routine focusing on a squat or deadlift, an upper body push, and an upper body pull. Add work for abs, grip, and neck, plus isolation exercises for specific muscle groups as desired.


I agree with most of what Gary238 wrote, but I would not bother with smaller isolation movements at the moment.

You might want to try some lifts that use as many muscle groups as possible, Like power cleans, squats, deadlifts, dips, bench press, Chin ups. But this will depend on your level of training.

How much expirience in the weights room have you got?

Definitely feel free to skip the isolation stuff. It's cool to throw it in if you want too, though.