Lifting Targets

I was just reading on another website about some lifting requirements for entry into an English pro-mma team (the cartel).

Bench: 4 x 4 reps @ 1.5 x Body weight

Deep Knee Squat:4 x 4 reps @ 2 x Body weight

Dead lift: 4 x 4 reps @ 2 x Body weight

Clean and press:4 x x reps @ 1 x Body weight

3 x 5mins of cardio/plyometrics on rower.

How do these targets sound? Is this crazy strong or something most people could attain with training?

I have minimal lifting experiance but have trained everything on the list except clean/press, but never anywhere near those levels.

I'm getting back into lifting and want some major target to have a crack at, any opinions on the suitability of these targets (long term)?
Thanks. T

I too am looking at what targets I should be setting in similar exercises. TTT

The BP requirement looks pretty f0cking steam io. 1.5x bw for 4reps x 4sets! 1.5x is a tough bench mark for ONE REP, let alone FOUR reps and FOUR SETS!

The Squat would be pretty tough also if they were strictly even to parallel. You won't see any of that in most gyms.

DL is easier but still hard. Definately won't see much of that in many gyms 4reps @ 4x bw for 4reps!

Clean and PRESS 1x bw? Clean would be easy but is that a push press or a strict military press? I can count on my hands the number of guys able to military press (strict) on my one hand. Sure national level lifters can but thats all they do, and they are C&J over 2x bw. They don't fight or train like fighters do!

Any guy that can do all of that in a session is f0cking strong for those reps and sets. I'd love to see a guy do that, that wasn't a fighter, let alone a fighter! A fighter spends a hell of a lot more time training outside of the gym!


Is that a fighting team or a powerlifting team?

The original post was from 2004. I was searching for what are respectful targets of strength in comparison with bodyweight for lifts and found this.

HeangKoing, thanks for the analysis.

toddseney, it says "pro-mma team (the cartel)" but like I said, I'm not the original poster so don't know where these targets came from.

I dont think those particular standards are a good way of determining someone's mma potential.

There are many succesful fighters out there right now that i'd bet money could not come close to those standards.

This would be especially true for tall and lanky fighters that just arent built for powerlifting.

For example: Look at Tim Sylvia v. Jeff Monson...I bet Monson could easily perform those lifts, he is probably one of the strongest heavyweights in MMA. Sylvia still beat him...but, do you think with Tim Sylvia's build he is going to be able to squat 510lbs (2x255) for 4 sets of 4 reps? I highly doubt it. But, it doesnt matter, because, he still wins fights.

These standards are hilarious. I guess if a young Sakuraba or BJ Penn came and tried out for the team they wouldn't let him on, but James Thompson would qualify.

I can do a single 2xBW DL and a single BW C&P without killing myself but if I was to try and meet those standards in any near future I'd have to give up MMA alltogether and go deep into hardcore-lifting.

androushka, a single 2x bw does not equal 4reps x 4sets! Those standars are obscene for most athletes!

The BP requirement is pretty f0cking steep!


I know dude, that was my point, I'd have to forget about MMA to get those numbers down!

I can do the dead lift without much of a problem, and, maybe the clean and press....but, the squat and the bench are basicaly at about my 1 rep max, no way i can put those up for 4 sets of 4.

So there seems to be a general consensus that these figures at these sets/reps are fairly extreme. In which case, what are realistic targets whilst also training (boxing, MT, wrestling etc)?

this may be just my personal disposition, but 4 sets of 4 at double bodyweight in the deadlift is a piece of cake for me, while there is no way I could do even a single DEEP (ass to grass) squat with double bodyweight. Maybe 1.5 times on a good day.

I think these are ridiculous demands for MMA team. I mean really... is it a fight team or powerlifting team?

For fighters it would be more than enough if they could do a single set of 2 reps with these weights. And I would want to evaluate their cardio as well (through some circuit).

Yeah, not to mention their fighting-skills

Yeah... of course fighting skills would be most important...

The original poster added cardio - 3x5 min rower or plyos. Makes sense but theres no target distance or like?

I looked into "the cartel" team. It is literally a cartel of gyms in the Manchester and Yorkshire area of UK who help and train each other in different aspects of MMA. "Spenna", who posts here (rarely) and on, leads "the cartel". Perhaps he can shed some light into the targets and cardio requirements.