Lifting weights, got weaker??

Weird, I starting lifting weights a few weeks ago. Before that I did BWE. I started light and increased the weight each week. I fell I got stronger. Well the other day I went to o some push ups, but struggled to make 10. Before I was making an easy 45-50. WTF happened? It makes no sense to me. The chest exercises I did with weights were with dumbells and doing cable crossovers. don't see why that would have had a effect on me.

Seems like it did... you're also limited by shoulder and triceps strength when doing pushups, so if you were doing a lot of upper body pushing movements, you could just be worn out. Take a 2 day rest and try again.

How long since you were able to do 45-50 pushups easily? If it's only within the last month, something else besides using dumbells and cable crossovers has to be going on to make you struggle with only 10. Like you didn't eat all day or sleep the night before, or your tendons are inflamed and sore, or you just swam 100 laps, or you're sick, or you trained your pressing muscles really hard for several days in a row, or...

It sounds like over-training to me. Remember to get enough rest and sleep between workouts. Eat correctly as well.

Hmmm..maybe the endurance thing cause I can't do alot with my shoulders since I hurt one of them....

I made the same experience bodyweight exercises are great when it comes to functional fitness.

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TapoutRookie- You're saying that you stopped doing push ups for reps and resorted to building strength with weights and when you tried to do push ups after 3 weeks off you couldn't do the same? best tip would be not to stop doing doing push ups, but still do weights. then again, chest weightlifting and push ups have no real comparison in the numbers aka no noticeable crossover imo.

From my experience, anytime you lift properly for strength (high intensity, heavy, etc.), you're going to "lose" some of your strength because it takes that long to recover. With BWE exercises, it takes no time to recover, hence the illusion that you're getting stronger everyday. You get stronger doing any resistance exercises; it only takes longer to recover when you're lifting.

I'm on a powerlifting schedule right now, so I'm really struggling in BJJ, savate, vale tudo, etc. But I know that when I switch to a BWE/maintenance program, I'm going to kill my classmates.

One of the best things I've found for recovery is yoga. Flushes out all the lactic acid that's hanging out in your "damaged" muscles, and gets them on the road to recovery. If you're lifting heavy, I highly recommend taking a hatha yoga class (static yoga).

LOL @ zero1. Since that's the only way.


Totally agree with the yoga/recovery thing. It stretches out everything as well, I don't get injuries nearly as much any more.

4 Ranges, lactic acid does not linger in muscles.

It is also not responsible for soreness and only partially for fatigue.

It is also not a waste product.

During exercise the body can keep a fairly constant concentration of lactate.

The "burning" may be a function of production of lactate and the associated hydrogen ion (the acid part that physically causes burn) exceed the ability of the body to clear those metabolites.

Lactic acid is an antiquated concept.
So is lactate threshold.

I do agree that yoga could be used as an effective recovery workout, to stretch and flush more blood into the muscles, and to improve the healing process, but it has nothing to do with lactate or lactate-related metabolites...

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Sounds like you just made really poor choices in the gym. If you can't do 10 pushups, that's just odd.

Well this is very bad.

How long *ago* could you do the 50 push ups?  3 weeks no NO WHERE NEAR enough time to kill that down to *barely* doing 10.  10 is a very very WEAK number UNLESS you were very tired from your weight training.

This thing happened to me:

Went to Gymnastics Sunday.  Monday I decide to do a quick session in the gym.  I had a tough session in Gymnastics.  I go to do some wide grip pull ups.  I couldn't even manage 3properly!  I manage 7reps of 5 sets with a minutes rest the week before.  Why was I not able to put up even 5?  My body was fatigued from the Gymnastics the day before.  2 days later I do 7reps x 5 sets of my wide grip pull ups.

But as others have noted when you train to lift heavy weights that is going to impact your endurance.  You will get stronger per maximal lifts but your endurance will suffer unless you keep the endurance training up.