ligament injuries?

Anyone torn a ligament and needed surgery? How well did it heal up? I'm going under the knife tomorrow for a torn ligament on my thumb, and im not really nervous about the surgery as much as im worried if it will ever be fully functional again... some people have been telling me ligaments will never be the same, they will hurt, ill get arthitis, etc etc...


trust me, I'm doing everything to make sure this shit heals up right.

I tore ligaments in my ankle but never got it operated on.. I went to a physical therapist a year later cos it was still bugging me and it was pretty much 90% better with one session.

it never is the same again but you learn to live with it. I tore 2 knee ligaments and had to have surgery

whats different?


marsman...ditto tore my acl and had 90% of my miniscus.

surgery in late january and almost 100% but still weak.
takedowns are bitch.