Light bulb moments ?

My first light bulb moment was about an hour into the first class I had with Tony (1998). He began to discuss the "myth of the reactionary gap" as pertains to LE. He compared the Calibre press Surviving Edged Weapons tape with the room's consensus about traffic stop distance, etc. When he said "why is it different?", among other things and more details, the flash bulb went off, and the note taking began in earnest.

Skullface , Don't worry , I plan to stick with it ! Should be easy , I've got great materials and a great coach :-)You're right too , Fight Club was a pretty cool movie . With all the socio-economic issues as well as the classic fracturing of Tyler Derdins personality over time *L*"I am the all dancing , all singing crap of the world"Cheer , Var

Right on Skullface !

Like I said , I'd just like everyone the opportunity to express themselves , without analyzing or being analyzed :-) . It's all good !

Let's just pretend we're in 'fight club' and we're a 'tourist' at the testicular cancer meeting ... 'Bob' is bouncing towards us at a high rate of speed , and we have to throw out some verbal 'fence' to stop him dead in his tracks , so as to avoid the full frontal assault! *lmao*"If I had a turmor , I'd name it Marla !!"Peace , Var

Whats up! Thanks for the positive feedback. The Gear has transformed my training. Anyway I still owe you an e-mail check your mail tonite or in the a.m. See you in August.

Cool Fight Club references. Great movie and book. Lots of people don't get it. You've got a great coach, stick with it!

*adjusting in chair**looking at screen**sigh**musing*haha......contagious eh ?? nahhhh :-)Funny , after I posted this one and saw no responses come up , I thought 'you know , this is probably one of those conversations that can happen far easier in person '. In this 'environment' someone has to go first etc . I don't want people to bare their soles *L* , just offer us some candid advice , or experiences from their training etc . I really hoped guys would jump in with anything at all without feeling like anyone was judging their experiences . I'm sure not ... hell , I'd be lucky to top out at 15 watts .. hehe . Could be worse though , I could have been born flourescent ! *lol*Hell this is worse than that Hyundai commercial ... " Hi *meek smile* , my name is Frank , and I drive a .. ahem (near choke) ... Hyundai "*returning to my muse*Var

I'll chime in with a story. My training partner and I have been working on the 5-tier SPEAR drill and on Sunday we started going full speed/force with High Gear on the highest level of the drill. We were initally working a knife scenario involving a slash to the throat, then I dropped the knife and started throwing haymakers then I got my sons plastic bat and started swinging. I was changing up the tool in an effort to show that each specific attack didn't need a diagnostic response. The intensity of the training session got heavy that day with lots of verbal stuff and lots of aggression.
Well the next time we got together to train my friend said "when I reflected on the training I thought about the plastic bat and I knew that if someone had a real bat I would know what to do b/c I did the drill."I think that was a bit of a lightbulb moment for him. Now his confidence is greater b/c he KNOWS he can handle himself against a credible attack. You can't buy/fake that confidence. I hope that was along the lines you wanted to travel with this thread.

Sean , Thats really good ! I sense a ton of personal insight in your words ... I really appreciate your perspective and ideas :-)*thinking* I'll see you in an hour or so , I think I'll bring some of your ideas up for discussion ... definitely got me 'recalibrating' my original thoughts on light bulb moments ..Cheers , Var

Hmmm,... thought this might generate some interest. But, I've been thinking on it as well and not coming up with much,... How 'bout less dimly lit moments than others, would those qualify?


(Var, this asterick thing is contagious!)

May The Right Prevail!,


I'm glad to see that your enjoying the gear and having some positive feed back through your training.


Don't get frustrated with the activity/inactivity of this thread. Everyone has at one time or another had the 'light bulb' moment. Unfortunately however, not everyone has had the instant gratification of the true 'light bulb' moment through 'realization' opposed to 'realizing' through correspondance with others or self evaluation. As Mr. Blauer has indicated through his seminars, this sometimes arrives after many sleepless nights of pondering the scenario or events in relationship to that specific moment.

Another 'dis-ease' which has afflicted many is the ability to regergitate or articulate this moment so that others could appreciate it. This moment is usually comprised of a series of events which fall in no particular order and forces the individual to say "uh-ha!" It is usually not the typical XYZ sequential that forms our cognitive mindset and thus creates that 'wow' element that accompanies this moment.

For example, returning from a weekend away to discover that your life has literally been turned upside down and to find yourself standing in the center of chaos. Only to find that as a result of the events of the past weekend, you're able to remain calm and focus through the application of 'The 3 Golden Rules', can grow and turn your attention elsewhere to improve the quality of the life that you were living up untill then. 'Light bulb' moment on how your inner coach through the application of certain psychological/fear management tools can have a profound effect on both your behavioral and physical arenas!?

Or how about performing a specific drill with one of your students several days/weeks after receiving instruction on the related S.P.E.A.R. concept and feeling the synergy of the entire bio-mechanical structure forcing the student to create distance while whincing in pain. The instant 'realization' of 'effortless power vs. pwerful effort'?!?

I can go on forever, but i think that some are starting to see how this moment can not only instill confidence but can redirect your training down a positive path.

Sorry for rambling and i hope that some of this makes sense.


Hey fellas , I've heard Sean mention 'lightbulb moments' during training . I'm not sure I've really had one of my own yet , but I have recognized definite changes in how things feel from time to time . So far these have tended to be strictly mechanical . The one that comes to mind are the SPEAR(s) . When I was first shown the CQF it was a lil awkward . Then it became a little easier as I performed many by route . Then came time to really perforn it . Thats when it all fell apart again ; suddenly I wasn't sure of what foot ought to lead , which arm to plant on the sweet spot etc . It was a humbling time for me ; even frustrating . I believed in the tool , but was stumbling around in it's application . Then after only a few privates with Sean , it started to come together . We slowed it right down , and began breaking it down . We started from various everyday stances , and as we progressed we added a great deal of visualization rather then speed . In that way I became more comfortable with mechanics , and I understood they're relationship to the adversary ; both spacially and emotionally . Lately I have noticed that I don't have to think about the SPEAR , it just comes when needed . I don't have to think about foot placement , arms etc . I think these moments are very rewarding ... starting to feel things gel , and remembering a month earlier when things were clear as mud *G* . It's one thing to get the mechanics of a technique , it's quite another to form an emotional understanding . To see how it applies in context , in it's entirety . I have watched myself and others in training , and I am beginning to sense that there may be much to learn when we are training just outside of our 'holy $hit' zone . The grey area where we are almost off balance , but we still possess a thread of continuity . It's fascinating because I'm uncomfortable , off balance , struggling to regain focus to pull my form back into control . Those are the moments which demonstrate what it takes to find your way back into the 'zone' . I think the more I train on or over that line , the more 'flow' I will attain , the more intense my focus will become , and the wider my 'comfort' zone will grow . My request of the forum is this : Would any of you like to relate to the rest of us an 'lightbulb' moments you have experienced in your years of training . These moments I would think are too important not to share with each other . I know I would be very interested in knowing what events formed a turning point for you . Or perhaps relate a funny story . Let it be technical , spiritual , philosophical etc , it's all good :-)My apologies if I've rambled on ... *stepping aside* ... the floor is yours' Thanx in advance for taking a moment to share your thoughts *S*Cheers , Var