Lightforce Greens

Anybody still or ever used them?

I did before but didn't get use them for long at all.

There are like 3 other competing products - are these still good?

What type of product is this?

Randy supposedly was using it as his 'fountain of youth' once upon a time.

I tried using it but just couldn't get past the taste.

Everyone at Team Quest uses it. Its great. Really helps with training.  to get past the taste people do different things. I just make a shot of it(pour a serving in a glass and minimal water),and have a chaser of some sort(organic apple juice is a good one)

They have them in capsule form through Couture Nutrition which is what I take

Frankie, plenty, There is MSM for your joints, complete nutrients for added energy.  when Im getting ready for a fight I take it between 3-6 times a day.

Comeback_Kid_HXC, all the time. In fact while Dan was preparing for his fight, Jesse Laudin was training with us, as well as Per Uklund, and a bunch of other guys. Derek Thorton from Hawaii is there for his fight in Strikeforce right now. Send a contact to the website WWW.TEAMQUESTMMA.COM

there are a ton of similar products out there. Unfortunately, they all taste like rotten ass.

I've tried it.

good for energy and recovery.

also helps you get "regular".

I mix it with water and chase it with a glass of green leafy veggies that I 'Juiced'.

I recommend.

For the last month or so I've been taking the GNC greens product.

Personally I've noted no differences (I take a separate MSM supplment and a multi-vitamin for nutrients) in my overall "feel" or in any of my training.

Is it just the GNC stuff, or does the stuff you guys take taste AWFUL!

Copycat/derivative product, one of many similar that jumped on the greens wagon started by Greens Plus, a product that's been around longer and available more places in more updated variations for cheaper.