Lightning up 2-0!

Yup u read it right!  Fpr all of you who say I disapear when the flyers lose im here now...

Flyers will hopefully come back...But it will be an uphill climb!


Esche licked some serious bag on those goals.  Hitch better put in Burke in the second otherwise they ain't gonna pull this one out.  That fucker makes me nervous.  He makes a great save on Modine then lets that little shit shot in. GEEEEEEEEEES  he pisses me off.



Both goals soft IMO...

Still alot of time left in the game...if it goes 4-0 then put Burke in...

Anything can happen


the bulin wall has bounced back nicely

Thats because goaltending wins championships Ariel...



I'm still getting ready to make out a missing person's report... ;)

Aw fuck,  Bulin was good.  He had a lot of help from the post and cross bar too.

Fuckin Esche


Esche was bad tonight......

They have to re-group for game 4!

I'm here...File that report for Jamie

shit damn... they were pressing so hard and could not get one by. That crossbar shot was almost in! home ice advantage seems to mean nothing so Philly must win the next game