Lightweight Legends of Boxing

A very nice highlight featuring s few different fighters from different eras. We have Joe Gans "The Old Master", Benny Leonard "The Ghetto Wizard, Hank Armstrong, "Hands of Stone" Roberto Duran, Alexis Arguello and Julio Cesar Chavez.

I always get goosebumps when I come across the older fighter's fight clips. Joe Gans, Benny Leonard and Henry Armstrong are about as legendary as it gets..

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John L. Sullivan, former heavyweight champion of the world, "I never liked a Negro as a fighting man...but Gans is the greatest lightweight the ring ever saw. He could lick them all on their best day. Gans is easily the fastest and cleverest man of his weight in the world. He can hit like a mule kicking with either hand."

The Taylor Chavez fight still makes me sick. I dont know if its the actual stoppage or the way Meldrick ended up. Such a sad ending to one of the most physically gifted fighters Ive ever seen.

He epitomized the true spirit and essence of a Phialdelphia fighter. Its sad watching footage of him talk, then and now. My heart breaks every time..

I heard the same thing about Alexis. I think hes the mayor of his home town or something like that. Alexis was always a class act. I dont think Ive ever heard anyone say anything negative about Arguello.

The Ghetto Wizard was a fuckin pimp! The first New Yorker to ever win a championship. One of the greatest LW's to ever lace em up

Gerald was blinded and suffered some paralysis along with some brain damage after the Nigel Benn fight

Hes confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.. His sister is taking care of him

williepep, i havent read it. are you recommending it

I heard about that too, somewhere

I respect Teddy

double post


No problem Hugo. Just giving the old timers some WELL DESERVED props.

You cant have a LW legends of boxing HL without Sugar Shane Mosley.

and Whitaker..

Nobody has mentioned Carlos Ortiz yet? He was THE dominant lightweight of the 1960s.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Ortiz. He was a Welterweight Champion and after he lost his title he dropped DOWN to Lightweight and won the Lightweight title.

Ortiz was originally light welterweight champ for a year or two and then lost it to hall-of-famer Duilio Loi. Then he dropped to lightweight where he won the WBA title, unified it with the WBC, and held the unified title for like 5 years defending against all the top challengers, except for a short period where he lost it and then immediately regained it in a rematch.

The problem with Salvador Sanchez is that most of his career was spent beating on bums and cab drivers. He only stepped it up and fought quality opponents for the last 2 or 3 years of his career.

Haugen was alright. He beat some good ones and lost to some good ones. I remember when he said that Julio Cesar Chavez's wins were against mexican cabbies, or something to that effect. Lol.

Chavez then proceeded to beat his ASSSS!!