lightweight only grappling tourney


how many of you would be interested in a grappling tourney for guys 135lbs and under?

even the naga has dropped the 130 and under i know that this event would be small i was just wondering if it would be worth while or should i not waste my time. post and let me know.

sorry dom i should have said that for now it would be near boston

Yeah count me in. I'm game. I would love to go against people my own size rather than jumping up three weight classes.


one last time for now if no one else is interested i will try again in a few weeks


I would LOVE to be apart of it!

i would definately participate. would it just be one weight class (135 and under?) or would it be several weight classes (i.e. 110-115, 115-125, 125-135)?

They already have one, its called the womens division!


lol @ dracul..

i know andy from RSD would be game. but then you all mine as well not enter cause no one's going to beat him.,

"but then you all mine as well not enter cause no one's going to beat him."

Those sound like fighting words to me.

*puts dukes up*

im in

I was joking by the way. I know a a few real tough muther fokkers who are about that size, though my left leg is a bit tougher than my right one, I'll see if they are game.



i would try to break them down as best i could.
useless you would come from vegas to do this?
chris andy can only enter if he promises to do the "ragin korean" dance before during or after!

"useless you would come from vegas to do this?"

I wouldnt see why not

cool useless

i will keep this ttt for a while if we get enough guys i will do it!

cool email me maybe I can help

you have mail useless

i'd be down with that.



Do it in Houston and I will be there.

- Zero Horizon