“Lightyear” ft Chris Evans BANNED in 14 countries because it promotes faggots

If you don’t see it as anything but benign it’s because if your repressed homosexual feelings manifesting in rage and discomfort. Be gay, bro. It’s ok.

^liberal defensive response 101

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You said it was the weird kids who had parents who looked out for them.

I’m saying it’s the weird kids who were into all the faggot shit.

But hey i guess we both had different definition of weird growing up. Probably depends where you lived.

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Hillbo’s parents clearly sucked at raising him. He’s an angry miserable. I wouldn’t take listen to him about anything.


I canceled everything Disney when the Gina Corano thing happened. I guess the gayness is just queer icing on the woke cake


Fuck up faggot

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Lol hateful and insecure bigots.

Right,… how dare these people think they know better than you what’s appropriate to show their young children.



Bro, you call everyone here a faggot daily here. lol


Jagged Little Pill GIF by Alanis Morissette

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Lol, nope.


Oh, absolutely.

The Gallup poll conducted was only 12,000 participants. That anyone would even for a second take that seriously is a joke.

It’s always so funny to watch you flail around casting doubt on things you have no understanding of just to make yourself feel better.

12000 people polled is actually a lot.

Even at the limits of the margin of error, more people identify as LGBT then there are hunters in America.

Yet you would never tell a hunter they’re abnormal. Just the opposite. Why is that?

You’re the one that has no understanding, trying to conflate hunting and homosexuality as comparable things. Hunting isn’t a sexuality.


You must not be familiar with mdmrules, he’s a world class idiot.


its not staggering when its being pushed on tv and other media every day

you are the “naturiist” what other animal species shows 5% homosexual attraction

i bet none… wonder why the american # is so high now and growing?

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Media and social influencers.

Read the article about all these kids that mutilated themselves to change their sex and now have regret an wish they never did it.

All of them point to the medial and social media as reasons why they made the switch. Then, reality slapped them in the face.

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