“Lightyear” ft Chris Evans BANNED in 14 countries because it promotes faggots

But only 11 million Americans do it, so is it abnormal or not?

Bonobos. You know, our closest relatives.

Do you think they have Disney+?

Greatest thread title. Ever.

It bombed at the box office

Why is that?

If it’s a good movie that people want to see?

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Any Disney executive more worried about money than preserving the natural order of things should be swinging from his neck at magic mountain

But they don’t own Magic Mountain?

Space Mountain, and they’re already hanging fr that abomination Kenobi.

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Is a species that is unable to reproduce abnormal?

Thumbs up for content AND Clyde.

Know what’s fucked? I saw that movie at a drive in when I was a very young boy. Clyde was the balls. Left turn Clyde.

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