Like every good girlfriend ....

My girl feels she's put on weight. Now to me she looks super but according to her she cant lose any weight. Shes quite do i deal with it? When she is upset makes me sad as well.

Do i go for runs with her? I wouldnt know where to start?

Do girls get in shape the same way as guys?

Scrapper #1!!! 5 X 5 Oly lifts!!! 20-rep squats tills he pukes!!!

You didn't tell how/if she is working out now. That would help when giving advice. That said, just get her to work out a little more than she is now. Preferably in an activity she enjoys. That does probably not include the things Lofland mentioned :-)

LOL@ he pukes

Well she isnt tall maybe 5 ft 4, she is pretty active in terms of job and stuff and eats very healthily. She is guilty of the big breakfast big dinner and a bit of fruit most people think is healthy. She feels like even though she excercises nothing happens. She isnt very consistant with excercise though.

How much does the pill affect u?

Like i said i like the way she looks but she occasionally complains so i thought i'd consult u guys try and help her feel better bout herself.

She likes to eat veggie soup and soups as her meals, is this ok?

"She isnt very consistant with excercise though."

Perhaps that is the answer :-) I think it is much easier to work out if you love to do it instead of working out because you have to do it. The important thing is to find something that you love to do. Be it weightlifting, running or whatever. If you love to do it, it's not a problem to keep doing it.

What kind of excersise does she do? Does she like it?

definately go for walks, then add in a little jogging and walking, then just jogging.

My wife never ran, but wanted to start walking, cause according to her she needed to tone up.

So we started walking around a track - 8 laps/2 miles, then I suggested that we run a lap for every three we walk. Then we moved it up to every other lap running. So it totaled to 1 mile walking and 1 mile running. She loved the fact that she ran mile, that build up her confidence in runnig and kept her wanting to increase the distance. Little by little we increased the running, now she runs over 3 miles a day and I have hard time keeping up with her.

She now loves running and how it makes her fit.

Liam, didn't you post this same thread a long time ago? *scratches head*I think Lofland is making fun of us, but the SCRAPPER suggestion is really good. SCRAPPER's workouts ( and/or Taku's intervals are probably perfect.Another suggestion is to walk as much as she can as opposed to driving her car to places. Obviously only do this if it's realistic. She shouldn't, of course, be walking to work through a freeway during rush hour.

ooops, I meant till SHE pukes, then make her go back and finish the damn set like a true athlete would. On her off days, Sandbag Death.

Dude your little darling will curse you until she is blue in the face if you throw her into a Scrapper #1.

How do I know?

I got my wife to doing a light Scrapper work out a while back and needless to say she said some pretty nasty things about me and Scrapper both.

girls often like kickboxing or muay-thai. My girlfriend started it and really liked it. Plus it was an activity we could do together.


Some very good suggestions here. The only point I would ask you to
consider is this. As people, women in particular try to lose weight, they
often focus on reducing calories and performing cardio to burn fat.
Now that seems logical in that you are creating an energy deficit,
however what tends to happen is due to the calorie deficit you begin to
lose a higher and higher percentage of muscle mass as part of your
weight loss. The bad thing about this is that reduced muscle mass
basically means that you are burning less calories in daily living and
whilst exercising.
What I would suggest, and some may disagree, is ensure that she
includes some weight training in her routine. This will have a two fold
effect, first it will reduce the muscle atrophying (sp) effects of a
reduced calorie/cardio induced energy deficit and the increased muscle
mass (not significant so don't worry about looking like a bloke) will
ensure that she is burning more calories in her daily life.
You will find that although initially females in particular can be a little
apprehensive regarding weight training, the strength gains and
postural improvements gained through resistance training are quite
empowering and motivating (my 36 year old female client that just
deadlifted 95 kg is now obsessed with doubling her body weight in the
lift, believe you me, she was not all that keen on weight training to
start with).
So all in all, get her doing some basic resistance training and cardio
and become more aware of her diet. Don't try to break her down by
giving her insanely hard cardio routines... build it up for her.
Hope that helps. Now get back to the Aussie forum..... think there is
another Bonello thread about to spark up :)

Also remember that even if she were to loose 10lbs by tomorrow, she would still most likely complain about her weight. Women tend to be like that.

Girls can get in shape the same way guys do, unfortunately
women have been brainwashed by the friggin' fitness industry and
magazines and now believe that they need endless sessions of
cardio at least 6 days a week.
Give her some options. Don't just throw Scrapper's workouts at
her. If she's not into bodyweights she sure won't stick to his
workouts either.
Tell her if she wants to lose weight she needs to be consistent.
Not train one week and then don't train for two.
The most important thing is still her diet. Let her make a food log.
See how many calories she consumes on a given day. It's cool that
she already eats clean but that doesn't mean that she doesn't
consume too many calories too lose weight.

The pill can have a negative effect on a women's weight. There
are so many different pills out there, maybe she just needs a
'lighter' one.
What your girlfriend wants to do is burn more calories than she
consumes. Cardio is OK but I believe Scrapper's stuff rules. It will
truly kick start her metabolism.

taku's intervals w/ sex....problem solved

yeah sex is the best exercice possible. And you can also tell her that sperm is the best food.

SEX DUDE.  1x a night and romance her.  2x on weekends.  SHE will drop weight.


It really depends on what motivates your girlfriend - some girls I've known really hate gyms and love to go for long runs; others don't have the commitment to run a full block and are better off paying for a regular class (the more expensive it is the more committed they'll be if they have to pay up-front)...

IMHO if the diet is already reasonably healthy, you shouldn't worry about it too much. It just ends up drawing attention away from regular exercise...

The most athletic girl I've ever been out with wasn't fit from worrying about exercise and diet - she was fit because she loved rock climbing and enjoyed it so much she'd be on the wall whenever she could.



(PS - Better fitness will bring better sex more than vice versa.)