Like Fedor, but HATE his fans?

Does that sound about right?

I don't think any true MMA fan hates Fedor.

Haters gonna hate. Bitches gonna bitch. Show respect to a true fighter and not blame your dislike for his fans on why you hate him. Douche bag Phone Post

bambulance - Yes, most of his hardcore fans are faggots.

But mostly, everyone wanted to see Fedor fight in the UFC, but decided to go on a can/has been crushing circuit for the past however many years. So I kind of dislike the fact he dodged comp for a good while.

 most new TUF faggot fans are annoying... beat it 

WALES1 - Does that sound about right?

I don't think any true MMA fan hates Fedor.

I dont know that Fedor fans are any issue at all. Now the folks who always want to spew how great Pride/dream/strikforce/whatthefuckever is, are trouble. These folks just tend to be on the same side of the fence as Fedor, but I dont know that I would call all of them his fans. But to be honest they are no worse than the Ufc version of same.

The only "fans" I didnt care for (for a particular fighter) are probably some of the Brock fans. Because he came in with a large fan base, a good number of them comment alot and know little, as alot of em are new to MMA, and can color folks opinion of Brock unfairly with the crap they spew.

I'm a Lesnar fan.....:(

WALES1 - I'm a Lesnar fan.....:(

I have never seen you jump the shark with comments, but since you are a Lesnar fan, you know some of your peers are outright annoying.

I love that fighters have impassioned fans, they deserve it.

These dudes give a lot up to get in there and throw down for us. To disrespect any of them because of the way their supporters act is retarded at best.

Except Bisping.

And so are some of the Fedor fans who still say that Lesnar would get smashed by Fedor.

WALES1 - And so are some of the Fedor fans who still say that Lesnar would get smashed by Fedor.

Well, though I dont think there would be alot of smashing either way, its not like Fedor would have no chance to chin check him ferociously. Everyone has holes in their game, but LEsnars really make him a dubious favorite against any top end guy who can punch and who doesnt fold like a wet paper towel on the ground.

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bah... russian characters aren't supported

i said 'go fuck itself' apparently :)-

Anyone who was a fan of MMA, and Fedor, who watched his fights over the years, who thought he was unbeatable are seriously delusional. One of the things that made me a fan of his, was the way he could have a bad turn in a fight, and turn it around. He has had several bad situations in several fights he turned around and won, often in dramatic fashion. The ability to do this, is rare in combat sports. To do it at a very high level, several times is extremely rare. But, its also a red flag. Anyone who rides on the razor edge between victory and defeat, sooner or later ends up on the actual blade losing blood.

SO I dont understand the folks who thought he was unbeatable, esp if they actually watched his fights.

William Colosimo - actually, the faggots are the ones putting down the GOAT, because they are insecure and jealous

:-D Couldn't agree more.

That's the way I feel about GSP. I like the fighter, but his nuthuggers are annoying as hell. Phone Post

ds1970 - That's the way I feel about GSP. I like the fighter, but his nuthuggers are annoying as hell. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Seems to be the strange thing about once a guy rises to true prominence, he has some folks who love him blindly, and others who just hate him for the sake of hating him. In GSP's case for example, I think half his fans, and half his haters have only seen maybe 5 of his fights, and they all seem to have watched a different 5 to come up with their opinions.


MontyG -  Signed

You sure you fit the bill of the title? I thought I read you commenting you didnt see any display of heart in his fight in the second round. That seems an odd comment, esp for someone who has trained a good bit.

Exactly. Fedor is extremely likable, but his fans are the worst.

Every Fedor fight I would hope that he would lose, just to shut his nuthuggers up.

Until the fight was about to begin, then i would think "man i hope Fedor wins". then he would win and i'd go right back to listening to his fans drool over his dong.

His fans are right there with BJ's.

orcus - His fans are right there with BJ's.

Or Brocks. Or GSP's (whose fans are actually not as bad as the other three, but they are pretty bad).

DarkReflection - 

I've said it literally hundreds of time...and I'll say it again..

I respect Fedor..

I can't fucking STAND his "fans"

You've got those who appreciate Fedor, but can have a rational discussion..those guys are alright in my book..I love people like that.

But there was this HUGE contingent up until VERY recently of just completely deluded insulting assholes what wouldn't even entertain the idea of Fedor losing.

And when you add the two together...M-1 and the "delusionalists" it was a perfect storm of "FUUUUUUUU" because it was like they were working together on this shit. M-1 matched him up with subpar competition..which extended his winning streak..which only reinforced the ignorance of his fan base....

shiver was hard times friends...hard times..

THAT is why Fedor gets some of the heat he does. Far more a product of his "fans" and his management than anything Fedor has ever done.