Like Fedor, but HATE his fans?

 Like Fedor, but HATE his management and die-hard fanboys.

DamnSevern -  Like Fedor, but HATE his management and die-hard fanboys.

THIS ! I sat among them last night live for the first time and it was scary. Like a cult meeting devoid of rational objective thought.

Darup -  Fedor seems like a good dude, but his fans made it so i couldn't be a fan. The same way that the UKTT has ensured I will never be a Bisping fan. Also him ducking the UFC didn't help.

I suppose Dana forwarded you the contracts he had laid out for Fedor? My understanding is UFC contracts are pretty one sided, not to mention the way Dana likes to play telephone toughguy, you dont think those things were factors?

after his blatant ducking of brock and the ufc, i found it hard to be a fan. It was obvious he lacked the size and takedown defense to be number one but his fanboys refused to accept that he was anything but.