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HuffPo The Warwick Rowing’s Women’s Naked calendar was released this week, just a few months after Facebook tried to ban their images for sharing “pornographic content.”

The women from the University of Warwick Rowing Society released their first calendars in 2013, for calendar year 2014, and raised £3,400 for Macmillan Cancer Support, a cancer care and support charity in the United Kingdom. This year, the English rowers hope to raise £5,000, which would be roughly $8,027 in American dollars.

The women’s rowing team fought with Facebook earlier this year, when the social media site banned their page briefly in July for “inappropriate content” while allowing a nude male version to stay published. Facebook had unpublished the women’s page “a few times” since the team created it, calendar organizer Sophie Bell told HuffPost at the time. But Bell insisted their images were tasteful and vowed to continue in the same fashion with the new calendar for the 2015 year.

“We have endeavored as always, to make sure that the calendar is as tasteful and discrete as possible,” Bell told HuffPost UK this week, “and I think the pornography criticism has made us ensure we continue to maintain high standards.”


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Wow I want the front right one int he water in the vid

havent seen vid yet, slow interwebz here BUT yea, she looks like she has big nattys!!!!!

it's impossible to support all the naked calendars that are out there these days.

RKing85 - it's impossible to support all the naked calendars that are out there these days.

I don't know man...I've been eating lots of celery and taking arginine and I've been supporting the calendars just fine. I mean I still have to wait 20 mins or so between bouts of "support", but still.....

Made one deposit, so better make a monetary one now. Great cause, and great way of supporting it.


They are unfeasibly large. Which i support wholeheartedly.