"Lil Debbie" says Miley Cyrus ripped off her video

Watch this if you dare try to handle the stupidity and lack of talent or worth

"Miley and Gwen Stefani told their directors they wanted their videos to look ghetto like mine, and that pissed me off cause I wasn't going for a ghetto look"

This video:

"Miley your father didn't raise you to wear no grill, I've been gettin grills since I was 14, don't try to play people like that"

Lmao. I never heard of her. Wasnt expecting a real person. I was thinking this was going to be a parody with snack cakes or something. Phone Post

"The video is based on Married with Children. I'm Kelly Bundy and the dancers are Peg Bundy."

LOL WUT? All the dancers are Peg Bundy wearing Budweiser swimsuits? What why what?

DonFreedomFrye - Miley and Lil' Debbie are just like refried beans and hummus.

They are both the same stupid garbage that is manufactured to feed the mindless public.

Excellent point.