Lil' Evil Appreciation Thread

lil evil's my homie.

Jens will always be at the top of my favorite fighters.  I admire not only his fighting spirit but also how extremly humble he his.  One of the few fighters I list as a personal role model.

jens rules- period.

Always loved the guy - class act in and out of the ring.

I'm glad the UFC put him on the reality show - he did a great job and seemed to really care a lot about the guys on his team.

I whole-heartedly support this thread.

Jens is just that kind of man and fighter that his fans are fans, win or lose.

I wanted Jens to win. But since he didn't,I temper my disappointment for him(not with his performance) with a "what's next?". 145lbs is a better weight for him? WEC is where that weight class is? Cool. Guess I'll have to watch for those shows.


Class act-great fighter ttt for Jens!

Great fighter and champion. Total respect.


I became a bigger fan of his after TUF. I thought he proved to be a very good coach-- ironic after the cheap-shot "raise your hands" stunt BJ pulled.


iv been a huge fan ever since i read his book lil evil years ago

absolutely agreed

ttt for Jens

If a blue namer could, please...

TTT for Jens