Lil' Nog's name is ROGERIO...

that is all.

No one has got it right all day so im sorting it out for the morons.

Attn. GSP4Prez:

Canada doesn't have an office of president. And only native-born citizens can become president of the US.

That is all.

royierogijo IMO

Attn: BigBopper, Rules are meant to be broken. GSP is easily twice as smart as our current president, could kick his ass blindfolded, and would fill the country with da riddum.

Give the man respect his name is Rogerio I agree.

"This deserved a thread of its own. Look at this fucking genius."

-Posted by a member who makes at least 10 worthless threads a day.

Those Brazilian chicks have made this thread worthwhile...

"Those Brazilian chicks have made this thread worthwhile..."

It was already worthwhile. Now it's outstanding!!!