I want to fight Daniel Lima!!!

and who might you be young man?

When i punch him,he will forget all his submission.

I see. You must have a good punch. And you are?

Could be the PPV Justin and his sponcors are looking for!!!

But the lightweights don't get the fans in !
I don't know about SuperSoldier, but Daniel must be flat out breaking 60Kg wringing wet...


I would weigh 65kgs.
Im sure Daniel would have no worries giving up 5 kg to a white belt,after all he would fight WAYNE PARR,who never in his dreams could get to that weight.
Who will fight Daniel in Aus?
i will!

I know !

The winner can fight Tony Bonello...

Sorry, but this thread seems a little "odd" to me.

Any one else ??


You can always fight Ballard, he is the champ :)

I hear Lima is pretty good, i think the going rate these days if you make a challange you need a profitable business to put up to secure the fight!!!

What assests will you be willing to put on the line SuperSoldier???


I will fight Ballard any time,he is an awsome fighter,
Lima is an awsome fighter, they should fight each other for sure,but what after that?

hey supersoldier,

how is the jaw holding up? ok?

Told you it would have to be rewarding for Lima, get your business finacials ready Soldier!!!

Dr tito,

My jaw is 100% after 2 dislocations in the same 6 months,and i doubt its gonna happen again in a hurry :)

Keats your arn't trying to put Lima in the same boat as Bonello are you? I don't think Manderson or Gillander had to put up a house to fight him and they are both credible opponents.
I think Lima would fight anybody in the world at 60kg. Key word being 60KG.

I think so far Daniel Lima has been pretty good at avoiding those 'submission-amnesia-producing' punches. Hopefully he'll keep fighting, so one day one of these will get thru and hit the little bastard... ;-)


You are correct!yes the keyword is 60kg,The ideal fight weight for me now is 65kg,although i think my next bout will be under 70.
Cadmus is also correct about Daniel avoiding the punch,i would just like a go thats all,no shitstiring:)

No sub i'm just having a joke!!!

No stress, just talked to Lima when he was here last and he was a nice guy. Also said to me he would fight anyone in the world at 60kg. Didn't want people getting the wrong idea bout him.

SuperSoldier you have my full respect, anybody who gets in the ring earns that. I think you would have your hands full with Lima though, from what I have seen anyway. You'd wana land one of those bombs quick!

Daniel accepts your challenge. Just get your promoter, name the date, and send a contract to me at for us to look at.

Daniel is due back in Australia in a couple of weeks. We are working on fights for him in Japan as well. So if anyone wishes to fight him (up to 65kgs), all we need is a contract.