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viva peru imo

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Lima is a fucking crazy place. You might find the $2 hooker somewhere, but be careful pulling out your wallet in public.

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"2$ whores"

viva peru indeed

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"I spent 2 weeks in lima and loved the place. a cop on every damn corner, I never felt safer."

You sir, are fucking hilarious.

I don't know what part of Lima you have visited, but by sheer numbers (10 million people) there is going to be a lot of shit happening.

As for the police...I've spent weeks at a time in Lima and have seen VERY few police. Not to mention you can bribe a police officer with a little cash and get away with a lot from drinking and driving, fighting, all kinds of things that would have you in cuffs here.

If you are in areas that attract some tourism, maybe. But the majority of Lima is lacking in law enforcement, especially GOOD law enforcement.

It's a hell of a nice place in parts with some crazy history that you can just walk up to and look at. No ropes and barriers.

Howver, you're high as hell if you think Lima is a safe city for Americans to be strolling around. Especially in the $2 hooker area!

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"I don't know when the last time you went to Peru was, but it has cleaned up a ton in the last 6-8 years."

I was there last a year ago.

I hear it has improved in the last decade, as the people seemed really fond of their president for the work he has done. I never had a bad experience there, actually. There was a LOT of anti-American shit tossed around at some places, but that was as bad as it got.

Miraflores and places like that are not at all what I am talking about. It would take serious effort to fuck up a place like that. Minus the kids begging for money as you walk in and out it is a very nice place.

I spent a lot of time in the neigborhood where I was staying on a few of the trips there, and nobody carries their cell phone in view. All of the girls put them in their pants. People busting out taxi windows and robbing people is still happening a good bit -- especially if your phone is in sight.

There were a few robberies in the neighborhood I stayed at. Nothing serious. There is still a SERIOUS lack of law enforcement, and the corruption that comes along with them still runs rampant. I've seen that first hand.

I'm no expert by any means. I have spent less than 6 months there total. I am just speaking from personal experience and the precautions I am sometimes forced to take to make the people with me feel more at ease.

Believe me, my stresses of going to Peru have to do with taking shits in their toilets, what to do with the toilet paper, and whether or not someone will try to trick me into eating guinea pig. Not getting mugged.

I just thought the "never felt safer" line was a gem. You'd have to grow up in a pretty scary neighborhood to feel really safe as an American in Peru.

"I could be your Dad?

I got tricked into some cuy, but I forget what it tastes like because of how disturbed I was after realizing it wasn't part of a chicken. Maybe if I had not owned one as a pet as a child...

The fruits and vegetables are crazy. The lack of chemicals really makes a big difference in how the food tastes.

I visited Machu Picchu and had some amazing food in the areas that surrounded it. I've had some things there that tasted like complete ass, but that's the risk you take.

It is an experience, that's for sure. It was amazing to wake up in Ohio and finish the day in Peru. Just a drastic difference between the two on an average day.

All of the homes have walls in front of them. In the upper scale communities there are huge walls bordering the whole neighborhood, but in the city and surroundings there are just 10 - 12 foot fences, gates, walls, some with broken glass cemented in the top to keep people from jumping over.

There are also a shitload of stories about the taxi drivers. Almost anyone can drive a taxi. A lot of guys are independent. I've heard stories of girls jumping out of the taxis because the driver starts heading in his own direction.

Blah, blah, blah...I will shut up.