Limit Hold Em Tips?

There is a poker room in my city that opened up for a couple weeks, so I'm gonna be spending some time there. I'm not a big fan of low limit hold em, but it will beat driving 2 hours to play some no limit. The cheapest game they have is 5/10, and I played that today. In 4 hours I won $193 and cashed out.

Anybody have tips for limit poker? Before the next time I go I'm going to study a starting hand chart. I'm pretty much looking for advice on how to play it when I'm used to no limit. I do have one specific question though, say I have something like AK hearts, raise preflop, a bunch of callers, so lots of money in the pot. If the flop comes down two hearts, would it be right to bet into it knowing that lots of people will call, just for the pot odds? Or if I check, somebody bets, and it gets called around, should I raise it the extra 5 bucks if there is already 150 in the pot because I'm getting such great odds on my 5 bucks when there will be 6-7 callers?

Hope that makes sense, not quite sober right now. Thanks for any help.

either come out betting so that it doesnt look like you are drawing to a flush or check raise the flop. then you will either hit your flush or top pair on the turn or possibly get to see the river for free because others are afraid you will check raise again. hand is strong. have two overs and nut flush draw.

watch what you cold call raises with. If it is not a pocket pair or suited connectors, I fold all unsioted ecxept AK and sometimes AQ if you have a read on the player

if you are new enough that you need a hand chart, i would read 'getting started in holdem' first, then 'small stakes holdem'. if you grasp those concepts you should do alright.

I've been a couple more times since then. I don't know if it's luck or what, but I'm killing those tables. There was a lot of luck today though, I was up $200 after 3 hands, and I folded the first. But I think I would have won money without those hands anyway, it just would have taken longer. The players here call down EVERYTHING, all I have been doing is playing the odds, and betting my good hands, and I'm getting paid off.

demandango, I started out playing limit, but that was years ago, I just wanted to review a hand chart to see what the difference would be between limit and no limit. I was winning at limit but got too into no limit and stopped playing it, but now I'm thinking I want to get back into limit poker. I might check out a couple of those books too.

might try a subscription to a vidio site like cardrunners or stoxpoker, i have stox and it is very usefull and also cheaper than cr. also the bryce(hu limit holdem legend) is one of the top instructers there. 6 months is about $200.

urb, I prefer no limit, but when I have a choice between playing limit in my own city, or driving 2 hours to play no limit, it's gonna be limit.

I'm not sure about the whole "no heart" argument about limit.

I think putting up with the crazy fluctuations in limit require a bit of heart.

Both take different skill sets. Both have their pros and cons. I learned playing NL and just started a few months ago with Limit.

Got the SSHE book. Great help. Some things you do in NL and dead wrong in Limit. Need to adapt your game.

Flush and straight draws are where your value is. Having 5-7 people to the river, if you hit u scoop up large pots

Yeah, hands like Axs are MUCH better in limit than they are in NL. That's the main thing that springs to mind as a hand that's radically different in value from NL to Limit.

Yeah, drawing hands in general play better because you'll usually get the pot odds you need to draw...which is why people are always bitching about their pocket pair getting cracked on the river by some "idiot" who "chased".

"Yeah, hands like Axs are MUCH better in limit than they are in NL. That's the main thing that springs to mind as a hand that's radically different in value from NL to Limit."

i'm going to have to dissagree with you on this one. the implied odds are usually much higher in nl.

1) When 1st in - raise.

2) Big overpairs and top pair big kicker are going to be your big money makers.

3) Grit your teeth and try not to go nutso when some idiot stays in with a junk hand and makes his inside straight on the river and beats your overpair. Grit your teeth when that same idiot accuses you of chasing when YOU make your nut flush on the river, when you were getting proper pot odds to call all the way.