Limit Hold'Em Money Question

Let us say that I start with $50 at a $1/$2 limit hold'em table, and then I find myself up $50 from where I started.

Should I:

1) Quit and go home: doubling your money is good enough.

2) Continue playing at that table: if you made that much, you can make more by staying longer.

3) Move to the next higher limit $2/$4: half of my stack is not my money, lower risk now to win bigger money.

I am just wondering which approach works better in the long run, toward maximizing profit.


I normally put in a long session bro,don't move up until 7you have a comfortable stack,maybe at least 50 big bets,preferrably 100..

I don't quit until I start making fatigue type mistakes.

"Quit while you're ahead it's the only way to win."

didn't yogi berra say that?

This is what I have done that kind of works ok, if you are really into money management while you are playing.

Take half of every pot that you win and put it in a seperate "win stack", then put the other half you won with your "play stack". Everytime you win a pot, put half in your "win stack" (which you will not play with, this goes home with you) and the remaining chips you won in your "play stack". Keep playing until your "play stack" runs out.

It has it's good and bad points, but if you're looking for a "system" for managing win/loss stuff, it is better than nothing.

jman - that won't work. all games are "table stakes" and you can't set aside money - even mentally, as you would then have to fold a great hand if it would mean calling or betting enough to dip into your "win stack". ALL money on the table is ALWAYS in play.

plus in b&m games, people will notice a stack set aside and bet enough for you to have to go into it to call them. its a give away of how far you are willing to go. i've seen people set aside their buy-in money and can be a mistake if others at the table are observant.


if you think your better then the other players stay until fatigue sets in

Bingo. Brassmonkey has royal flushed out the correct.

How bad do you need the money. Have you been losing ??

If i've been losing 3-4 sessions in a row, then i'm not afraid to leave with a little win no matter how good the game is to build back up my confidence.