Limited edition FightLab t-shirts

For those of you in the "know"

you've heard rumours & hushed whispers of big things in the works.

here is a sample of 2 T-shirts comming out of FightLab

Keep your eyes & ears open for more things to come

support your friendly neighborhood bad ass and buy a
limited edition FightLab NYBA shirt.........
shirts are $20 and available in navy and red

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Simple is BEST when it comes to giving a message.

A message like this one;

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Shirt orders & all inquiries can be made @


be the 1st in your Hood to rock one of these bad boys.

Now you know!

so is Fight Lab and Fokai the same company?


List the class times please, I live in Temecula.

There are no class times.

It's a clothing line that supports MMA.


LOL!! I almost wrote "we have no class"


FightLab clothing. NOT gym.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Fans of the NYBA can support him by rocking this shirt.

The Illest SAVAGE Monster Beast from the NYC. 


Thanks for the support merc1.


TTT for the NYBA

Nice shirts... I gotta get one.

and props to The Fight Lab and Casper in his quick win yesterday.





I love how people copy my Fight Lab Name. That is cool with me


check it out!!!!!