Acom-Sports is hosting a limited grappling tournament in NYC @ the fighthouse, located on 122 w 27th street. Limited meaning that only competitors with NO PROFESSIONAL fighting experience is eligible to compete...(NYSAC RULES)

Registration is only $35 Pre-Registration and $45 at the door. This tournament will be sanctioned by the USKBA. Anyone interested in competing, call me at 347-432-4024 Ask for Jerry Mendez. Competitors will compete for Gold and Silver medals.

There will also be an Open-Weight Tournament for the Acom-Sports Tri-State Limited Grappling Championship belt. For more info, call or email:

We will be running 3 Rings. 2 Matted areas and one Boxing ring for the Advanced divisions

this will be a no-gi tournament.

takedown 2 pts
sidemount 2 pts
mount 3 pts
backmount 4 pts
sweep 2pts
Submission attempt 1pt

Beginner: under 1 year of grappling training
intermediate: over 1 year and under 3 years of grappling training
advanced: above 3 years of grappling training

Beginners: 4 minutes
intermediate: 5 minutes
Advanced: 7 minutes

We are only accepting a limit of only 120 competitors (8 per division) for this event. We will be running more events in NY and NJ.


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five twenty seven

OH, good question,

Divisions for women as well Jerry?

No womens divisions this time. I definitely want womens divisions in the future. I just haven't got many women to compete in the past.

Weight Classes:

205 +

185 - 204

170 - 184

155 - 169

154 - under

UFC weight classes

I am does one register?

I'll have people for you Jerry, but I also have two angry women :)

If anyone has questions, please call 347-432-4024.


I'll see you there Jerry....No im serious this time

This is a NO GI competitions ONLY

I am only excepting 8 per weight class in each level division. I will be listing the competitors in each weight class to show what spots are available. I will also be having a team elimination competition for the Acom-Sports Team Cup Trophy. 4 teams of 5 players each team.