Limp Bizkit and the glory days of entrance music

Do you guys miss all those entrances that played Nu Metal? Limp Bizkit was definitely MMA music back in the day.

I know Fred durst is now a movie director and looks like an old man, but I hope he comes out with some more music one day that can become the new themes of MMA entrances.....


Fred Durst now:

fuk a fred durst nika!

People are still listening to the same shitty nu-metal. It's just the band names that have changed.

I know.... I was 16 to 21 in the 90's.... so those were the days I had most of my music influence implanted into my brain. I will probably never get over 90s music and other music will never be as good to me.

Bill Pharoni - People are still listening to the same shitty nu-metal. It's just the band names that have changed.

Oh yea? I have been out of touch with secular music over the last 5 years, I did not really know the direction it has taken. I assumed it moved on from Limp Bizkit where most of their hits came out between 1995 and 1999


lol at that pic!

It is all good man! The Music that came out of the 90s was like another 60s and 70s revolution.

The age of grunge, nirvana, STP, Alice in Chains, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, foo fighters, etc. etc.

Being stuck enjoying 90s music is not so bad.

Also, there are so many other great artists from other genres I did not even list.

that shitty music will make you go sterile. listen to In Flames if you want real metal from back then. fuk nu metal. that was a term used for noobs back then cause they didn't realize real metal never left, it just wasn't mainstreram and mtv didn't play it.

limp bizkit didn't have a real album out till 97 not 95. i doubt u were into underground musik back then or you'da listed some non mainstream bands

I still listen to Mudvayne when I work out ... I don't listen to very much older nu-metal (Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc.) like I used to.

A lot of good stuff was made recently!!

Black Dahlia Murder, Between the Buried and Me, Unearth, Horse the Band, all of that keeps you goin during a workout, almost forgot The Warriors and Whitechapel. All on u tube, to JJbox, didn't mean to sound like a douche on your thread. just stating my op on numetal

amons bad ass. i wanna be a mexican viking and go pillage with them. BTBAM is some grindcore/experimental metal. not really a category 4 em cause they jump through the spectrum of sound. Vision of Disorder is by far the best NYHC band EVA!

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i think so too.

loved limp bizkit back in the day saw them in tokyo right before they broke up. my screen name says it all the only band still relevant from that era is PAPA MOTHERFUCKING ROACH!!

fuk papa roach. i wanna be heavy but wear make up like a girl. they sucked 11 years ago when i saw them at The Cactus in San Jo and they blow now. fake ass metal bullshit. it's one thing to wear corpse face or paint your face like a skull but that little faygot wears eyeliner...yeah real brutal. i can play drop d and palm mute chords too. so does nickelback, doesn't mean you're any part metal.

Juijitsuboxer - I know.... I was 16 to 21 in the 90's....

That's crazy. The 90s lasted ten years for me.

Not a big Tito fan, but his entrance against Shamrock in the first fight was the $hit!