Lindland layin the law on Arsdale

Poor Arsdale...this loss must be absolutely devastating to him. You guys have any thoughts on what he should do next?

hmmmm... nobody at the event seemed to think it was a premature standup...

Fabio Lindlad once again proves why is the last king of true Gracie BJJ.

Padres vs. Dodgers were sold out tonight (44,000)
With another MMA event in town, I wonder how the attendance was at
the Sports Arena...


So Matt submitted MVA much faster than Randy did and almost as quickly as Babalu did...go Matt!

Truly the uncrowned 185 champion.

I think it was his win over John Marsh, a similarly over-rated HW, that revived the legend of MVA.

There were a lof of empty seats in the arena.

this fight was at 205 too

"mva out wrestling lindland for few minutes and then getting tapped out, i certainly didnt see that one coming..."

Not that supirisng. MVA is the bigger man and has beaten Cael Sanderson in wrestling. Lindland has tapped out a BJJ black belt in MMA.

Was the crowd pretty big?

Matt is the top 185er in the world right now.

Matt finally got the opportunity to thank his sponsors.

sorry... went to sleep after my last post...
attendance was roughly around 2,000 if i'm not mistaken... :-)

sleep or chi chi bar?

Van Arsdale just needs to retire from MMA because the guy in clueless.


I'm not a big fan, but I HAVE to give kudos to the amount of crow he's ramming down the back of my throat.

"Matt is the top 185er in the world right now."

Not quite. He is one of them but his opposition hasnt really included elite guys. Good guys but not top 5ers and the like.

You cant be the best unless you beat the best although for him just getting to face the best might be a bit of a problem. But he's sure been clearing out good opposition very cleanly lately...

I should have said he is the best 185er in the US. I think he would have his hands full with some of the Pride fighters at that weight. But I believe Matt would be the UFC champ. And until Rich beats him I will always feel like he is a paper champ.

Do not get me wrong. I like Rich and think he is a great fighter. But Lindland was moved out so the UFC could push Rich. Lindland was screwed.

rematch with Terrell imo