Lindland should do ok

He'll still lose by decision but I don't think he'll be KOed or submitted.

the guy is not that much smaller than Fedor either. Fedor is not a big HW, he could lose baby fat and fight in 205 if he wanted to.

Lindland walks around at 200 anyway

Fedor by ko or submission round 2

everyone said Matt was going to be KOed by rampage

Even if Lindland goes the distance and loses a decision, he still wins...

I for one, think he is going to win the fight. Probably a late second or third round submission after a total war.

Fedor by early TKO. Matt gets bloody in this one IMO.

na!!!!     fedor will ko matt.

matt is one of a few that will step up and take on a challenge such as fedor!! he's got balls and you gotta love him for it.

I really would have rather seen Monson vs Fedor but it'd be awesome if Matt made a great fight outta this.

imo fedor by kimura