Lindland vs Fedor buyrate

Did a little over 15,000 buys according to Meltzer



I don't think Ayre's business model for Bodogfight has any real plans to make any money off the PPV (obviously).

Ostensibly it's all a circuitous marketing ploy to get people to visit Bodog while not directly advertising for the gambling site per se. But I don't know how successful (if at all) his MMA venture has been in even getting Bodog's name out there. People aren't talking.

He's supposedly paying the fighters extravagantly (with reported figures which I find to be hardly plausible, much less sustainable) and making nothing off PPV revenue or live gate. He's burning a lot of money into Bodogfight while generating virtually no income and, more importantly, it's even doubtful that Bodogfight has substantially increased Bodog's visibility at all.

Obviously he has very deep pockets but I wonder how long-term serious and invested he really is in growing the MMA promotion, and how much longer he will be willing to keep on spending.

I think this is just a hobby to Calvin and one day he will get bored with it and move on to something new.