Lindland = white Tyson (ear-biter)

I just saw a video of that Matt Lindland ear bite.

My goodness, he bit him very very hard. There was a long bloody bite mark on the ear. If Lindland bit harder, he would have bit off the whole ear!

Then he did it again in the match.

Lindland = cheating, ear-biting embarassment. BLAF got him out of the UFC because you can't have a 185 pound champion who nearly bit someone's ear off (it's embarassing it makes the UFC look bad) and then also cheating by denying a tap when he lost to Busta.

Lindland is a cheater and will make excuses for him getting his ass dominated and owned.

Thank God Dana isn't letting his cheating, whining, boring ass back into the UFC

I lost all respect for Lindland after he actually claimed he won the Rampage fight. Outside of 40 seconds in the fight, it was complete ownage and Lindland was actually just trying to survive while getting physically dominated and beaten up. You could see the fear. Then he says he won???

Dude. Winning is not more important than your honor.
Noone will ever forget the ear-biting and cheating. A true champion has a true character.

That GIF proves lindland lost via the ropes and not an arm bar

never said that.

Never said you said that. It was a rhetorical statement.

All I said is cheaters suck.

Then you have nothing to say.

lol @ this tool and his gif

"All I said is cheaters suck."

Correct. Randy Couture sucks

keep pretending Randy didnt grab the fence