Line 6 amps & guitars?

Last weekend I went to a jam session and a buddy had just gotten a new line 6 spider II amps and I thought it was kick ass for a solid state. it had sweet presets amp models, built in effects, etc..

and what about these Variax modeling guitars?

Can one modeling guitar really give me 25 sounds? if so.. I may orgasm.. better move back.

I haven't actually sat down with one, but a firend of mine bought one a few months ago and swears by it. Apparently you can switch between Les Pauls, teles, Strats..whatever you want to to, even change pickup placings. He did say the acoustic guitars and the banjo sounded a little hokey.

I have no idea what they would be like to play live, but they must be great for recording.

Das, These are the guitars it models:

1960 Fender Telecaster Custom

1968 Fender Telecaster

1968 Fender Telecaster Thinline

1959 Fender Stratocaster

1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1952 Gibson Les Paul “Goldtop”

1961 Gibson Les Paul Custom (3PU)

1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior

1976 Gibson Firebird V

1955 Gibson Les Paul Special

1959 Gretsch 6120

1956 Gretsch Silver Jet

1968 Rickenbacker 360

1966 Rickenbacker 360-12

1961 Gibson ES-335

1967 Epiphone Casino

1957 Gibson ES-175

1953 Gibson Super 400

1959 Martin D-28

1970 Martin D 12-28

1967 Martin O-18

1966 Guild F212

1995 Gibson J-200

1935 Dobro Alumilite

Danelectro 3021

Coral/Dano Electric Sitar

Gibson Mastertone Banjo

1928 National Style 2 “Tricone”

The Variax is a shitload of fun.

I'm a fan of Line6 stuff. I have a Modulation Pro and an Amp Modeler stomp box. Both sound excellent. The Variax is like having a great impressionist around. You kinda know it's not a Strat(or Tele,or Les Paul) but the character is there.

cool! thanks for the opinions guys!

Whoa man, I'm itching to try that wierd thing out.

I have no idea what they would be like to play live, but they must be great for recording.

I would think just the opposite myself. recording you'd want to have the best tone possible etc.. where as live & gigging there is no way I'd want to drag around several $5000 guitars when I can bring one ax esp since it's going to be played thru some shitty house PA system anyways..

I was thinking more 'home studio, demo recording' kind
o stuff, but I see your point.

I don't know if I'd trust something like that live.
Our rythmn player uses a line6 flextone from time to
time and I'm always nervous its going o break down..I
would have no idea how to fix it. Re-install software

I'm sure they ar pretty solid, I just need to kick one
around for a while to be sure.

Man, things sure have changed since my first guitar(bass actually) in 1984!

Sorry I havn't been following the thread so I didn't read whats been written above me. But I own a line 6 spider, the original not the II and it fits everyting that i would ever need it for and then some. However, I have had some Problems with its reliability mostly the imput jack and the amp quitting even at low volumes. I would not recommend it from a reliability stand point. Nevertheless, it has enough efects built in that it has been fun to use.

I've really got to check one of these out very soon..

(the irony is that I'm a drummer!) but I can play guitar ok.. lots of sing a long strumming stuff and basic blues and funk stuff.

i have a flextone II and i really like it especially since i got the foot pedal...

Im currently running a Line 6 Spider II amp....sounds great with lots of options. I remember back in 97 or 98 and going to Guitar Center they had a Line 6 amp that modeled certain amps and guitar set ups. You would turn a knob it and it would read "Metallica", Van Halen, etc... pretty cool and I think it was like 1.5-2K which at that time being an unemployed 18 year old kid....was an obscene amout of money! I wonder if they still make it?


P.S. I know there is a guy that posts on here works for Line 6.

i love my flextone II especially after i got the foot petal.

CK, any opinion on who is leading the way on new digital stuff? Line6 has a new line of pedals that will bring in people at a cheaper level. The Vox floorboard unit looks cool.

Wanna know more about Line6? Find Jman around here, he is one of their Engineers. At least he used to be!